All Persona 3 Reload trophies & achievements

All Persona 3 Reload trophies & achievements
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31st Jan 2024 14:39

Plenty of players are already searching for the Persona 3 Reload trophies and achievement list to prep for earning a new Platinum. Building up to its release, we managed to find out what trophies the P3 remake has ahead of time on PS4 and PS5 - also being achievements on Xbox and PC platforms. 

All Persona 3 Reload trophies & achievements

Trophy Type How to unlock
A Most Remarkable Guest Platinum Acquired all trophies
Awakened Power Bronze Obtained Orpheus
SEES the Day Bronze Joined the Specialized Extracurricular Execution Squad
Back on Track Bronze Defeated the Princess
Empowered Protector Bronze Defeated the Empress and Emperor
Never Toy with Matters of the Heart Bronze Defeated the Hierophant and the Lovers
Armor Disarmed Bronze Defeated the Chariot and Justice
Dodging Lightning Bronze Defeated the Hermit
Twist of Fate Bronze Defeated Fortune and Strength
A Sense of Finality Bronze Defeated the Hanged Man
The Great Seal Bronze Sealed Nyx
From Shadows into Light Silver Watched the good ending
The Fool’s Journey Bronze Obtained 10 Major Arcana during Shuffle Time
Distinguished Visitor Silver Invited Elizabeth to your room
Top of the Class Silver Aced an exam
A Legacy of Friendships Gold Maxed out all Social Links
People Person Bronze Unlocked all Social Links
That Special Someone Silver Nurtured a romance
Unbreakable Link Silver Maxed out one Social Link
A Newfound Strength Bronze Awakened all teammates’ ultimate Personas
The Power of Choice Bronze Obtained 10 Personas during Shuffle Time
There’s No “I” in “Team Bronze Performed a Shift
The Strength of Our Hearts Silver Used all teammates’ Theurgy
Extracurricular Excellence Bronze Rescued a missing person
Get a Load of Those Numbers! Bronze Dealt of 999 damage in a single attack (All-Out Attacks excluded)
Shrouded Assassin Bronze Initiated 50 Chance Encounters
The Thrill of the Hunt Bronze Defeated a rare, golden enemy
Making the Dream Work Bronze Performed 50 All-Out Attacks
Glimpse of the Depths Bronze Discovered and conquered 10 Monad doors
Briefcase Burglar Bronze Opened 50 treasure chests
Shattered Plumes Bronze Used a total of 50 Twilight Fragments
The Horror of the Shade Bronze Encountered a Dark Zone in Tartarus
Reaper Reaped Gold Defeated the Reaper
The First of Many Bronze Performed a Dyad Fusion
Fusion Artisan Bronze Performed a fusion with three or more Personas
Birthday Present Bronze Obtained an item from a Persona Conception
Path to Salvation Gold Fused Messiah
Tempting Fate Bronze Triggered a skill change during fusion
Eat Your Veggies, Peas! Bronze Harvested a crop that you grew with a teammate
The Grindset Mindset Bronze Earned 50,000 yen total from part-time jobs
Specialist Bronze Maxed out one Social Stat
Peak Performance Silver Maxed out all Social Stats
Dorm Life Bronze Spent an evening in the dorm with a teammate
Gourmand Bronze Ordered from a secret menu at the Iwatodai strip mall at night
Benevolent Purr-tector Bronze Nursed a cat back to full health
In High Demand Bronze Accepted an invitation to hang out five times
Beyond the Darkness Bronze Unlocked access to the remaining Major Arcana
Through Thick and Thin Bronze Unlocked a teammate’s Combat Characteristic
Eagle Eye Bronze Acquired every Twilight Fragment in town

In the table above, you'll find all 49 Persona 3 Reload trophies and achievements for the game; one Platinum, three Gold, seven Silver, and thirty-eight Bronze; as confirmed by PowerPyx.

Due to the source only categorising trophies, we currently don't know much each achievement is worth in Xbox Gamerscore, but I'll be updating this guide as soon as we learn more.

Yukari and Junpei in Persona 3 Reload, which has 49 trophies & achievements
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In terms of difficulty in getting the Persona 3 Reload Platinum, the trophy list for this P3 remake isn't as a challenge as those we've seen in the past.

While it all together has four fewer trophies and achievements compared to Persona 5 Royal for example, it's nowhere near as daunting as the list of the original Persona 5 - requiring you to defeat the twin duo, Caroline and Justine - the hardest boss in the game who you could also only face in New Game+, effectively requiring you to put in two playthroughs.

Thankfully, there doesn't seem to be any trophy or achievement for Persona 3 Reload that isn't anywhere near as daunting. There are plenty of missable trophies of course, but nothing you'll lose out on as long as you keep track.

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For even more essentials, check out what I thought of the game in my Persona 3 Reload review or if it's on Xbox Game Pass. Otherwise, take a look at our Persona 3 Reload guides and new homepage for more tips and updates from GGRecon. 

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