How to get chilled taiyaki for Elizabeth request #38 in Persona 3 Reload

How to get chilled taiyaki for Elizabeth request #38 in Persona 3 Reload
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Finding a chilled taiyaki in Persona 3 Reload is one of the more peculiar requests from Elizabeth. Compared to some of the many tasks the Velvet Room assistant, request no. 38 has quite a few steps in the game - which can be tricky for those who aren't in the know. 

So, let's dive into how to get Elizabeth a chilled taiyaki in P3R. 

Finding the Suspcious Man in P3R to get chilled taiyaki

The first step to getting chilled taikyaki in Persona 3 Reload is buying the School X Site Note from the Suspicious Man (the informant) in Club Escapade; keep in mind you'll need to raise your Courage stat to at least "Ordinary" to be allowed in. 

This is a special URL that you can use to get useful information when you have access to the shared computer. 

Use the shared computer to unlock Lukewarm Taiyaki

Secondly in your quest to get chilled taiyaki in P3R using the shared computer to unlock the lukewarm version. The URL on the School X Site Note takes you to a forum which reveals lukewarm taiyaki will be added to the school store vendor's list of items for sale. 

Head down to the school store in the main lobby after school one day and you'll be able to buy as many "Lukewarm Taiyaki" as you like to use for the next steps. 

Putting Lukewarm Taiyaki in the refrigerator

The third step in Persona 3 Reload's chilled taiyaki quest is using the refrigerator - specifically on one of the rare days each month there's room to put one of your Lukewarm Taiyaki from your inventory.

A tricky part here is that the fridge space days for each month are very specific, so you'll need to keep checking and make a note of it so you don't forget. After putting your taiyaki inside, you'll need to come back to it the next day when it's readily chilled. 

Multiple attempts may be needed

Getting your chilled taiyaki make have one final obstacle in Persona 3 Reload: your allies. As you go to retrieve your chilled taiyaki from the fridge, you might come to find it's been nabbed by someone else in the dorm and left another item in exchange. 

There are differing reports on how often this happens, but my playthrough saw my chilled taiyaki being eaten twice: once by Junpei in exchange Instant Ramen x 2 (restores HP) and then by Chairman Shuji in exchange for a Precious Egg (restores SP). 

On my third attempt, I finally found a taiyaki that'd been "sufficiently chilled" and the Chilled Taiyaki was added to my inventory. 

Giving the Chilled Taiyaki to Elizabeth

Giving the Chilled Taiyaki to Elizabeth in Persona 3 Reload to complete P3R request no. 38
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To finally complete the chilled taiyaki quest in Persona 3 Reload, simply approach Elizabeth outside of the Velvet Room and hand it to her by pressing "Report" when selecting request #38.

You'll then receive a Nihil Cloth as a reward and the request is fulfilled at last.

For more on P3R, check out how good the game is in my Persona 3 Reload review or how to raise all three Social Stats. Otherwise, have a look at our Persona 3 Reload guides and news homepage for essential tips and updates right here at GGRecon.

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