Persona 3 Reload romance options & consequences, can you date everyone?

Persona 3 Reload romance options & consequences, can you date everyone?
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Wanting to know what Persona 3 Reload romance options are available is just one of the questions on the minds of P3R players.

Like those of other games in the series, not only do Persona 3 Reload fans also want to know if you can romance everyone amongst the options available but also who the best one is - alongside whether you can date characters like Elizabeth or Aegis.

All Persona 3 Reload romance options

Romance option Social Link prerequisite Availability Social Link romance rank
Yukari (Lovers) Max out Charm stat Monday, Wednesday, Thursday & Saturday in Classroom 2F Rank 6
Mitsuru (Empress) Max out Academics stat Tuesday, Thursday & Saturday outside Faculty Office Rank 6
Fuuka (Priestess) Max out Courage stat Monday, Friday & Saturday on second floor of Gekkoukan High Rank 7
Yuko (Strength) Choose to walk home with Yuko during Chariot Social Link scenes (Ranks 2 & 3) Wednesday & Saturday outside of Classroom 2F Rank 7
Chihiro (Justice) Talk to her on separate days three times Tuesday, Thursday & Saturday outside Student Council Room Rank 5
Aigis (Aeon) Wait until January 8 Monday, Wednesday, Friday, and Saturday Rank 9

Every romance option in P3R can be found in the table above, along with any prerequisites to start their Social Link, when they're available, and what Rank unlocks the ability to start dating them in the game.

Without a doubt, the toughest Persona 3 Reload romance options are for Yukai, Mitsuru, and Fuuka - each requiring you to boost your Social Stats to the point where they're fully maxed out.

Can you romance everyone in Persona 3 Reload?

Technically, yes, you can romance everyone amongst the girlfriend options in Persona 3 Reload; however, having your cake and eating it too won't last for long as each girl will get jealous when they realise you're spending time building up other romanceable Social Links. 

Consequences of dating multiple girls in P3R

This jealousy stemming from trying to romance multiple girls in P3R gets serious enough to the point where Social Links actually get reversed - with their progress grinding to a halt and not resuming until you speak to them multiple times to apologise. That's unless the Social Link is already maxed out at Rank 10. 

Can you romance Elizabeth & Aigis in Persona 3 Reload?

No, you cannot romance Elizabeth in Persona 3 Reload. Whilst you do have romantic moments with the Velvet Room assistant - like the date-like outings you can take Elizabeth on as you complete for her - you won't be able to make her your official girlfriend.

A date with Elizabeth in P3R, who isn't one of the romance options in Persona 3 Reload
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Who is the best romance option in P3R?

This of course depends on personal preference, but the best Persona 3 Reload romance option is definitely Mitsuru, in my opinion.

Yes, the prerequisite of a maxed-out Academics stat can make it a grind to get there, but the payoff in Mitsuru's arc starting as an ice queen that slowly opens up to you is a delight - more so when the high school romance element kicks in as well.

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