Where to find the persimmon tree in Persona 3 Reload

Where to find the persimmon tree in Persona 3 Reload
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6th Feb 2024 14:47

Finding the persimmon tree in Persona 3 Reload for the elderly couple at Bookworms is essential for starting the Hierophant Arcana Social Link, but the clue the husband gives you can be a little too vague to find in the game without help. 

Luckily, this guide will take you to the exact location P3R to go and get a leaf from the persimmon tree. 

Persimmon tree location in Persona 3 Reload

To find the persimmon tree in Persona 3 Reload, you'll need to go to the courtyard in the corridor area at Gekkoukan High

If you're still getting used to the school, you can easily find the courtyard by following these directions: 

  • Start from the main lobby on 1F by the entranceway
  • With your back to the entranceway, go down the right corridor
  • Take a left until you see the doors behind a green mat
  • Press the prompt to go to the "Corridor"
  • Walk until you see the persimmon tree in the grassy area on the left

Now that you see the tree, walk up to it and press the prompt to check on the "Young Tree". As you realise this is the persimmon tree the elderly couple was talking about, you'll obtain the "Persimmon Leaf" key item to take back and show to them. 

The Persimmon Leaf key item after finding the persimmon tree location in Persona 3 Reload
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With proof you've been able to find the persimmon tree as you return to Bookworms and speak to the old man and woman the Social Link for Persona 3 Reload's Hierophant Arcana will unlock - introducing themselves as Bunkichi and Mitsuko respectively. 

That's everything on finding the persimmon tree in P3R and how to get the Persimmon Leaf key item. 

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