Barbaric Beast Wheel weakness & strategy, how to beat Persona 3 Reload boss

Barbaric Beast Wheel weakness & strategy, how to beat Persona 3 Reload boss
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8th Feb 2024 18:30

The Barbaric Beast Wheel's weakness is on the many minds of early Persona 3 Reload players as they encounter the boss on Floor 11 of Tartarus.

Even though it's only the second of these bosses, you'll still need two particular type of skill at your disposal in order to win and carry on through the game.

Barbaric Beast Wheel weakness in Persona 3 Reload

In Persona 3 Reload, Wind is the weakness of the Barbaric Beast Wheel - whilst the Magic Hands fighting alongside it are weak to Fire skills. 

Meanwhile, the Barbaric Beast in P3R has a resistance to Fire with the Magic Hands being resistant to Electric-type skills. 

Best strategy to beat Barbaric Beast Wheel in P3R

With weakness-hitting Wind magic skills like Garu in her skillset, Yukari will be key in taking down the Barbaric Beast to get through this Persona 3 Reload boss fight.

Meanwhile, Junpei's Agi Fire-type skill can knock down the Magic Hands - allowing for All-Out Attacks when all three have fallen. 

Targeting weakness of Barbaric Beast Wheel for Wind skills in Persona 3 Reload
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To allow Yukari some breathing space so she has free turns to heal the party as well with Dia or Media, you should also recruit Personas with Wind skills of your own for the protagonist to use. Up to this point, the easiest would be Angel - obtainable through Shuffle Time after some Shadow encounters - which knows Garu naturally. 

Keep repeating the process of exploiting each enemy's weakness to knock them down and follow up with an All-Out Attack, use Yukari to heal the party when neccessary, and the Barbaric Wheel will soon roll away into nothing. 

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