How to reset stats in Peroxide

How to reset stats in Peroxide
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Kiera Mills


20th Sep 2023 14:51

Knowing how to reset stats in Peroxide can be incredibly useful, particularly if you've found your playstyle has changed significantly since starting the game.

In Peroxide, after the initial tutorial, you'll be able to pick from your first set of skills, of which there are five in total to raise to level up your overall level in the game.

If you're looking for a way to reset your stats in Peroxide, stick with us and we'll take you through the steps you'll need to take and the NPC you'll need to visit.

Where to reset stats in Peroxide

Peroxide, Hobo Monk NPC location
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To reset your stats in Peroxide, you'll first and foremost need to make sure you have 800 Yen saved up for a stat reset.

Following that, visit the Hobo Monk NPC near the subway tunnel in Karakura to purchase the reset. To find the Hobo Monk NPC, proceed with these steps:

  • Spawn into the game
  • Head towards the nearest bus shelter and interact with it
  • Travel to Bus Station 1
  • From the bus stop, turn left and follow the road in the direction of the Soul Tailoring poster
  • Continue forward up the road and past the park
  • Turn left before hitting the swings next to the Hair Rat NPC and vending machines.
  • Continue up the road, turn right at the comic book store
  • Head towards the subway tunnel
  • The Hobo Monk NPC will be standing to the right of the tunnel entrance, beyond the vending machines
  • Speak with him to purchase a stat reset for 800 Yen

Now you should be all set to reset your stats. Resetting stats in Peroxide will usually drop your stats down a level but give you a burst in gathering XP. As such, it can be a great way to level up your stats quickly in the game.

That rounds off our guide to resetting stats in Peroxide. For more Peroxide tips and tricks, check out the guide on how to reroll Clan in Peroxide, our guide on all Rogue Shinigami locations or check our main Roblox homepage.

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