All recipes in Aura Craft & the ingredients you need to make them

All recipes in Aura Craft & the ingredients you need to make them
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Daniel Megarry


16th May 2024 10:42

Aura Craft is a Roblox experience that lets you craft new Auras by combining existing ones like Fire, Water, and Earth. It might sound simple, but discovering all of the combinations takes quite a long time!

It's only been out for a little while, but Aura Craft is already proving popular with over seven million visits so far. Whether you're already one of those visits, or you're just trying the game out for the very first time, knowing the recipes you can use in the game will definitely be a bonus.

All recipes in Aura Craft

Aura Recipe
Water Unlocked at the start of the game
Fire Unlocked at the start of the game
Earth Unlocked at the start of the game
Wind Unlocked at the start of the game
Time Unlocked after playing the game for a while
Infinite Time & Time
Mystery Infinite & Infinite
Abundance Infinite & Monk
Future Infinite & Time
Ocean Water & Water
Yin Yang Water & Fire
Monk Yin Yang & Water
Ninja Monk & Fire
Wildfire Fire & Fire
Stone Earth & Earth
Metal Fire & Stone
Air Wind & Wind
Cloud Air & Air
Sky Wind & Air
Space Sky & Sky
Galaxy Space & Space
Aurora Borealis Space & Spirit
Vortex Earth & Galaxy
Infinite Vortex Infinite & Vortex
Eternal Energy & Infinite
Meteor Stone & Space
Meteor Shower Meteor & Meteor
Plant Water & Earth
Tree Plant & Plant
Life Time & Tree
Energy Water & Wind
Power Energy & Life
Unity Power & Life
Inspiration Time & Power
Buddah Monk & Energy
Lava Fire & Earth
Volcano Lava & Earth
Geyser Water & Volcano
Eruption Geyser & Magmar
Crust Earth & Eruption
Nature Energy & Tree
RNG Yin Yang & Time
Luck RNG & Life
Eternal Flame Energy & Fire
Rose Plant & Nature
Dust Plant & Fire
Spirit Dust & Fire
Ice Water & Time
Snow Ice & Spirit
Glacier Ice & Earth
Storm Water & Spirit
Lightning Energy & Storm
Rainbow Spirit & Storm
Sunshine Energy & Sky
Star Earth & Space
Solar Wind Wind & Star
Wonder Life & Mystery
God Sky & Life
Death Life & Cycle
Devil God & Death
Dark Matter Space & Time
Sad Unlocked with Coins from Rare Auras Shop
Cycle Unlocked with Coins from Rare Auras Shop
Pure Unlocked with Coins from Rare Auras Shop
Hax Unlocked with Coins from Rare Auras Shop

Those are all of the Aura recipes I've discovered so far! I'll keep this list updated whenever I find any other ones. There's always a chance the devs could add new Auras in the future, so keep an eye out for those.

Some of these Auras - like Sad and Cycle - need to be obtained from the Rare Auras shop using Coins. You can earn Coins for free by playing the game for a set amount of time or by crafting new Auras.

How to craft recipes

A recipe in Aura Craft
Click to enlarge

Using recipes in Aura Craft is relatively simple. All you need to do is click on the big 'Craft' button that appears on the screen when you launch the game and then drag any two Auras together to see if they can be merged.

When you do this, you'll get a new Aura that will automatically be applied to your avatar. Any Aura that you discover will be added to the list at the top-right-hand corner of the screen so you can keep track of them.

Most of these Aura recipes have some logic behind them eg. merging 'Time' and 'Time' to create 'Infinite', but a few of them are a little more abstract and require some out-of-the-box thinking to figure them out.

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