All Monster Ghoul codes to redeem free in-game Yen & RC

All Monster Ghoul codes to redeem free in-game Yen & RC
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6th Jun 2024 13:18

Monster Ghoul is a game in Roblox that’s heavily inspired by anime and will have you building up a character to unlock new weapons and attacks in the game. The codes below can net you plenty of in-game currency, such as Yen and RC, which can then be spent on upgrading your character very quickly.

All active Monster Ghoul codes

Code Reward
!Sub2immjay 300K Yen and 100K RC
!SorryForDelay 1.3M Yen and 400K RC
!MonsterGhoulBigUpdate 2M Yen and 1M RC
!UpdateReleased 2M Yen and 500K RC
!NewFuruta 1M Yen and 600K RC
!QuinxIsHere 1M Yen and 600K RC
!DataReset 1M Yen and 1M RC

As you can see, there are currently seven codes you can use in Monster Ghoul. Redeeming all of them will give you a total of 8.6 million Yen, and 4.2 million RC. That’s plenty of currency to get you going in the early game, and you’ll be levelling up even more quickly in no time.

I tested all of these codes out for myself in the game today and can confirm that they all work perfectly.

How to redeem codes

How to redeem codes in Monster Ghoul for Roblox
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Redeeming codes in Monster Ghoul isn’t as easy as in some other Roblox games, as there isn’t a dedicated code redemption page. Instead, you’ll need to use the chat box in the top left corner.

Follow these instructions to redeem the codes above:

  • Open up Monster Ghoul and load into the game
  • Click on the small square to the top left of the screen that opens the chat box
  • Paste one of the codes above into the chat box, making sure to include the exclamation mark at the start
  • Press ‘Enter’, and you’ll see a banner appear on the screen showing the rewards you’ve been awarded

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