How to get Reiatsu Crystals & tier list in Peroxide

How to get Reiatsu Crystals & tier list in Peroxide
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20th Sep 2023 14:43

Knowing how to get Reiatsu Crystals in Peroxide - and which legendaries are the best of the best - is crucial for advancing ahead of other players, so here's all you need to know.

Reiatsu Crystals in Peroxide are separated into common, rare, and legendary types, offering unique powers to utilise from support to defensive or offensive abilities.

As such, you'll need access to a Reiatsu Crystal tier list to separate the best crystals you can get from the worst.

Join us as we go through the best Reiatsu Crystals in the game and how to get the legendaries for yourself.

How to get Reiatsu Crystals in Peroxide

Screenshot of the Shady Shinigami NPC in Peroxide
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Before you venture into the world of Reiatsu Crystals in Peroxide, you'll need to first have ten Time Relics and 50 bucks. Next, follow these steps:

  • Find the Shady Shinigami, he is usually located on The City map, in Karakura, in ASR's Café
  • Speak to the Shady Shinigami and receive a random Reiatsu Crystal in return for ten Time Relics and 50 bucks
  • There is an 80% chance of receiving a common, an 18% chance of getting a rare and a 2% drop rate for a legendary crystal

Although the process is random, it's worth investing in Time Relics to get a few at a time. Time Relics can be earned by competing in Time Bubble Raids.

Peroxide Reiatsu Crystal tier list

Screenshot of an inventory containing Reiatsu Crystals in Peroxide
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There are a total of 20 Reiatsu Crystals in Peroxide (with the new addition of the Crystal of Artificiality), separated into common, rare and legendary categories. The following crystals have been sorted from best to worst, with details on their various abilities.

S-tier Reiatsu Crystals

Reiatsu Crystal


Crystal of Exponentiality

Delays the damage dealt after a hit, while increasing the move’s damage by 30%

Crystal of Conduction

Adds a lightning strike after a down slam

Crystal of Inferno

Adds burn damage

Crystal of Ichor

Grants lifesteal

Crystal of Terra

Creates a wall behind the opponent, dealing extra knockback damage if collides with an enemy

A-tier Reiatsu Crystals

Reiatsu Crystal


Crystal of Chains

Chains multiple opponents together, allowing damage to be applied to more than one target

Crystal of Clutch

Pulls nearby players towards you

Crystal of Degression

Adds a mark to the opponent, devolving their moves and removing applied Crystal affects

Crystal of Null

Greatly increases damage but reduces subsequent damage for a time

Crystal of Reap

Disables all healing for opponents except for health packs

B-tier Reiatsu Crystals

Reiatsu Crystal


Crystal of Artificiality

Adds bonus damage to NPC opponents in PvE fights

Crystal of Creep

Absorbs Reiatsu from an opponent

Crystal of Despair

Surrounds the opponent with a dark aura, preventing ability use

Crystal of Glass

Makes block breakers do as much damage as they would usually do when block breaking

Crystal of Spirit

Halves the Reiatsu cost of the move and removes Anti-Reiatsu regeneration

Crystal of Wind

Adds a brief wind dash and perfect dodge

 C-tier Reiatsu Crystals

Reiatsu Crystal


Crystal of Aegis

Provides hyper armour, blocking one hit, doesn’t apply to counters and guard breaks, however

Crystal of Force

Increases knockback

Crystal of Prodigy

Enhances the mastery of the move

Crystal of Shadow

Darkens the opponent’s screen and reduces their damage dealt by 5%

That rounds off our Reiatsu Crystals tier list and how to get them in Peroxide. For more Peroxide tips and tricks, check out our main Roblox homepage or our guide on all Rogue Shinigami locations in the game.

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