How to reroll Clan in Peroxide

How to reroll Clan in Peroxide
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1st Sep 2023 14:01

Peroxide is a popular Roblox game based on the Bleach anime, and knowing how to reroll your Clan in Peroxide is a vital tool.

Your choice of Clan will affect much of the gameplay, including your abilities and even the types and locations of quests you can pick up in the game.

If you made your Clan choice in haste and have since regretted your decision, it is possible to change it, so keep reading for a rundown of how to reroll your Clan in Peroxide.

All the ways to reroll your Clan in Peroxide

There are several ways to reroll clan, with the easiest way being to simply buy a reroll with 100 Robux.

To do this, follow these steps:

  • Click on the green R$ button (located at the top-left)
  • Click 'clan reroll'
  • Choose from the list of Clans (available clans will be listed based on your race)

If you're looking for a free way to reroll your Clan, you can also buy a reroll from Kisuke with product essence.

Kisuke is an NPC located within The City map, and to find him, you must activate the Reiatsu skill when you're in The City. Then, follow the Yen icons to Kisuke's house.

Speak to Kisuke and then click on the 'General' tab. Next, choose to reroll for the clan, which will use Produce Essence rather than Robux. To find out how you can get Product Essence in Peroxide, see below.

How to get Product Essence in Peroxide

Screenshot of where to find Kisuke in Peroxide
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To get Product Essence for Clan rerolls in Peroxide, you can redeem Peroxide codes which sometimes offer Product Essence for free.

You can also farm for Product Essence by participating in Killing Spree Invasions in Hueco Mundo. Taking part in these invasions can get you a healthy amount of Essence as they drop regularly.

That rounds off everything you need to know about rerolling for Clans in Peroxide and the two main methods to do so. For more Peroxide guides, visit our main Roblox homepage or check out how to get & use Product Essence in Peroxide.

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