How to find & cook the Palian Onion Soup recipe in Palia

How to find & cook the Palian Onion Soup recipe in Palia
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The Half Boiled quest in Palia is an elusive quest that's picked up by finding scattered recipe pages from within Kilima village.

After completing the Half Boiled quest in Palia, you can then unlock the Palian Onion Soup recipe, a great option for replenishing that much-needed focus to increase the rate of XP gain in the game. So, to learn how to make Onion Soup in Palia and discover the recipe page locations, keep reading for what you need to know.

How to unlock the Onion Soup recipe

There are two recipe pages you'll need to find in order to complete the Half Boiled quest and unlock Palian Onion Soup.

These pages are located within the Fisherman's Lagoon area in Kilima, where Einar is usually found:

  • The first page will be just to the right of the fish stall
  • The second page can be found on the pier, next to the cluster of wooden barrels as seen in the image below

Screenshots showing the Palia Half Boiled recipe page locations
Click to enlarge

When you have collected both pages, you'll receive an alert that the quest is completed and will unlock the Palian Onion Soup recipe.

How to make Palian Onion Soup in Palia

Screenshot showing where to get Wild Garlic in Palia, needed to make Palian Onion Soup
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Palian Onion Soup is a dish that once consumed, will restore 100 Focus. To make Palian Onion Soup in Palia, you'll need the following ingredients and materials:

  • Onion – Onion Seeds can be bought from the General Store, Onion can be bought from Badruu's Family Farm
  • Flour - Can be bought from the General Store
  • Wild Garlic – We've had luck finding it in and around the field between Chapaa Crossing and Kilima Village
  • Access to a Standard Stove and Prep Station – Recipes given by Reth after achieving cooking level two

Screenshot of Reth's store in Palia, where you can get cooking recipes
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How to level up cooking

The easiest way to level up your cooking skill early on is to complete the Welcome to Palia quest, speak to Reth and make a campfire. Then, continuously make food at a campfire until you reach level two. If you speak to Reth after making the campfire he will send you recipes in the mail which will help.

You'll unlock more recipes from Reth the higher your cooking skill is. It's worth investing time into your cooking as unlocking better recipes will help you retain Focus.

Focus is represented by the eye icon and meter at the top left of the screen. Completing skilled tasks when focused will give you an increased boost to XP and will help level you up faster.

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