Overwatch 2 Battle Pass Price

Overwatch 2 Battle Pass Price
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4th Oct 2022 09:27

You may want to know the Overwatch 2 battle pass price if you plan on purchasing the premium track for the brand-new hero shooter sequel and earning some special cosmetic rewards and XP boosts. The original Overwatch was a premium title, but as Overwatch 2 goes free-to-play, it introduces the seemingly ever-popular Battle Pass system for those players who might want to indulge and pay for added bonuses. So if you need to take a look at the Overwatch 2 battle pass price, and learn more about some of the rewards, we've got you covered. 

Overwatch 2 Battle Pass Price: What Is It?

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The Overwatch 2 Battle Pass Price is currently fixed at 1000 Overwatch Coins which comes down to a price of about $10 USD.

As with most Battle Passes in modern games, there is a free version that will grant you access to several cosmetics. Something to bear in mind when considering whether you want to put money into your battle pass is what you'll get out of it. You can get the Overwatch Coins in a variety of ways but the easiest way is through purchasing them, or you can do various in-game challenges which might award you coins you can save up to buy a Battle Pass. 


Overwatch 2 Battle Pass Rewards

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As you progress with your Overwatch 2 Battle Pass, you'll gain access to a number of items as well as unlocking new heroes, cosmetics and items. But the first Battle Pass that'll unlock at the game's launch will feature: 

The free battle pass will unlock these items

  • Kiriko (Level 55)
  • 2 Epic Skins
  • 1 Weapon Charm
  • 2 Souvenirs
  • 1 Highlight Intro
  • 14 additional items 
  • Prestige Tier Titles 

The premium battle pass will unlock these items

  • 20% Battle Pass XP Boost
  • 1 Mythic Skin
  • 5 Legendary skins
  • 1 Epic Skins
  • 3 Play of the Game animations
  • 4 Weapon Charms
  • 3 Emotes
  • 3 Souvenirs
  • 6 Poses
  • 6 Name Cards
  • 30+ additional cosmetic rewards

As you progress, you'll unlock a number of special rewards. Each Battle Pass is limited to the current in-game season and its rewards. So it might be worth considering if you want one of the rewards before they might expire for a certain amount of time.

If you want more Overwatch 2 content, we are covering a number of guides and news related to the game, so keep GGRecon bookmarked! 

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