How to find all the gifts in the Burn That Cures Mission in Neon White

How to find all the gifts in the Burn That Cures Mission in Neon White
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Some of the Neon White gifts can be quite tricky to get a hold of, even if you think you know how to do it. Each gift in Neon White requires a combination of mechanical skill and puzzle solving, but it can be frustrating if you've got one, but not the other. However, if you're looking for some help with the Neon White gifts for mission 5 then you're in the right place, so make sure to keep on reading down below for all the locations and solutions you need.

If you want to unlock the Neon White secret ending then going for all of the gifts is an essential endeavour. If you're wondering how to find gifts in the first place though, you must achieve a gold medal rating on a level to unlock the appearance of gifts, and then when you attempt the level once more they will be hidden for you to find. Gifts have a static location on each level, so if you find where it is the only tricky thing left is figuring out how to get to it. We've got you covered with the guide below though, so worry no more.

Where are all the gifts in the "Burn That Cures" Mission?

Mission 5 Level 1 Gift: Violet

Neon White Mission 5 Level 1 Gift
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You'll find the gift for the first level in the fifth mission right at the end above the final checkpoint. It can be rather tricky - and frustrating too - however, as it is obvious what you need to get there, but can be quite hard to actually achieve it. All you need is three Fireball soul cards which you use to launch yourself upwards after the last balloon demon. It is all down to your timings though to get up there, otherwise you will fall short. The key is to have a small pause between each discard so that you get the full momentum, instead of spamming them back to back.

Mission 5 Level 2 Gift: Red

Neon White Mission 5 Level 2 Gift
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Another tricky one, this gift initially appears to be near impossible as the one Fireball card you have is not enough to reach the prize up high. However, the key is to preserve the Elevate you use at the beginning. To do that you need to hop on top of the first demon Mario style, and then jump up onto the next ledge. This can be very inconsistent to do but just try and stay in the centre of the demon to have the highest possible starting height. 

Once you've made that jump, turn back around to face the first demon again and Elevate to the left-hand platform. From there, jump up to the slightly raised section to your right, and then make the long jump directly across to the other side. It's a tricky jump, but it can be done. Once you've made that, just hop on top of the highest platform and then finally use Fireball to dash towards the gift.

Mission 5 Level 3 Gift: Mikey

Neon White Mission 5 Level 3 Gift
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In trend with the previous mission's five gifts, the third level requires you once again to reach a really high point with skilful Fireball management. You need three Fireball cards for this one, and cannot use any of your dashes outside of the gift jump. Jump to the left after the first three demons to avoid the laser demon, and then drop down to collect the two remaining Fireball cards that you'll need. 

Use the arches to jump up onto the middle platform, and then from there you'll need to use all three Fireball discards in succession to reach the gift. Much like the gift for level one, you'll have to space these out just right to gain the maximum momentum before you start to fall.

Mission 5 Level 4 Gift: Raz

Neon White Mission 5 Level 4 Gift
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This one is much easier than the previous three, as all you need is one Elevate and one Fireball. Clear the level out making sure you have one of each by the end, then just use Elevate next to the finish checkpoint and then launch yourself to the gift above with Fireball.

Mission 5 Level 5 Gift: Red

Neon White Mission 5 Level 5 Gift
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Another fairly simple one, this gift is located at the top of the last building on the left of the level. Just progress through the level as normal until you get the last Fireball card from the chest. Then just use it to launch yourself up onto the building and collect your gift at the top.

Mission 5 Level 6 Gift: Yellow

Neon White Mission 5 Level 6 Gift
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All you need to get your hands on this gift is either two Fireball cards or one Fireball and one Godspeed. Reach the end of the level and then jump off behind the finish checkpoint, using your chosen combination to reach the gift after the gap.

Mission 5 Level 7 Gift: Mikey

Neon White Mission 5 Level 7 Gift
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This gift requires you to be holding two Fireballs and one Godspeed card, which you can acquire by taking out the blue demon by the destructible red door but heading round the right instead of through the door. After this, use the exploding barrel and a Fireball to get above, and then, from the highest point of the roof you're on, use a Fireball directly upwards and then Godspeed at the apex of your dash to get to the gift.

Mission 5 Level 8 Gift: Violet

Neon White Mission 5 Level 8 Gift
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You will technically only need two Fireball cards for this gift, but the key is to collect an Elevate card from the vending machine after the balloon demon. Use that Elevate to get up to where the water is, leaving the two Fireballs free to dash to the gift above.

Mission 5 Level 9 Gift: Raz

Neon White Mission 5 Level 9 Gift
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This level gives you a sneak peek of the gift about halfway through, but you will only be able to access it right at the very end. Progress through the level as normal, but make sure you have three Stomp cards after picking up the two right at the end by the exploding barrels. Shoot the barrels instead of using Stomp, and then land on the destructible floor to the left of the finish checkpoint.

All you need to do from there is use your three Stomp cards through the destructible floors, and you'll be greeted with a gift for Raz as your reward.

Mission 5 Level 10 Gift: Red

Neon White Mission 5 Level 10 Gift
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The final Neon White mission five gift is probably the easiest of the bunch, as all you need is a single Elevate card. Head to the top of the bell tower with said Elevate in your hand, and then use it after shooting one of the exploding barrels to reach the gift right underneath the bell.

So, that's how to collect all of the Neon White gifts for mission 5. Some of them are a lot harder than others, but all of them still require a bit of thinking combined with some skill. If you want to know more about the people behind the masks, however, don't miss our Neon White voice actors guide.

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