How to find all the gifts in the Benediction Mission in Neon White

How to find all the gifts in the Benediction Mission in Neon White
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The Neon White Mission 8 gift locations certainly reflect how tough the game gets in the later levels, requiring a mastery of the game's mechanics alongside clever thinking to get your hands on all of them. While the gifts in Neon White are not a mandatory item to collect, they are an excellent way to continue to test your skills in a way different from the traditional speed-focussed nature of the levels. So, if you're looking for some tips for the Neon White Mission 8 gift locations, then don't miss our full guide down below.

Where are all the gifts in the "Benediction" Mission?

Mission 8 Level 1 Gift: Red

Neon White Mission 8 Level 1 Gift Location
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About halfway through the level, just after your rocket bounces across the two glass planes, you will find the first gift of mission eight. You will speed right past it if you're not looking, however, so remember to look up and you will see it behind some metal bars. Use your newly found Dominion soul card to rocket bounce off the walls and reach the gift above - we found that about four or five blasts should do it.

Mission 8 Level 2 Gift: Mikey

Neon White Mission 8 Level 2 Gift Location
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This gift is largely skill-based, but it does require you to obtain two Dominion soul cards in a specific way. To do this, make sure to not use the zipline discard ability after the first balloon demon, instead using the rockets to hop up to the next card - we found that two was enough to make it up. Then, turn around and jump towards the tower, using one of the cards to zipline to the left tower. Quickly shift to the gift tower after using Dominion's discard, and rocket jump until you have one rocket left in your ammo stash. With one rocket left, zipline to the top level and claim your well-earned gift.

Mission 8 Level 3 Gift: Raz

Neon White Mission 8 Level 3 Gift Location
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You will need at least two Dominion soul cards to get this gift, but it can be done in a number of different ways due to the flexible nature of the rocket jump mechanic. However, the easiest and most straightforward way to complete this challenge is centred around the final floating block before the finish checkpoint. Immediately turn around after ziplining underneath it, and then just float until you can zipline to the gift in a crevasse behind you.

Mission 8 Level 4 Gift: Violet

Neon White Mission 8 Level 4 Gift Location Part 1
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Getting to this gift is one of the more confusing puzzles so far. It is hidden behind some glass that even then is rather hard to spot, but requires a combination of intelligent rocket jumps, and ammo preservation to get there. 

Neon White Mission 8 Level 4 Gift Location Part 2
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What you'll want to do first is to not use the zipline ability for the first gap of the level, instead preserving the card so you can gain ammo. Then, move through the level until you reach the first yellow demon, after which we will begin our detour. Instead of heading forward to the blue demon, rocket jump to the roof behind you.

From there, head into the opening to the left, and use Dominion's primary fire to climb the three waterfalls. Opposite the top of the waterfall you will be able to find the gift for Violet - hopefully she appreciates your hard work here.

Mission 8 Level 5 Gift: Red

Neon White Mission 8 Level 5 Gift Location
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This Neon White gift location is incredibly hard to spot if you don't happen to luckily catch it with your eye. The main reason for this is that it is really far away, and with that comes a big challenge. You're going to want to manage your ammo perfectly to be able to reach this, with the main goal being to have at least two Fireball cards and a Dominion card with at least 10 ammo. The best way to achieve this is to save a Dominion card after the first balloon demon gap, only shoot the laser demons with your shotgun, and use the ammo replenish after the second laser demons on your Dominion card. 

Once you've accrued enough ammo and cards, use two Fireball dashes at the gap by the first destructible door to get on top of the roof. From there, it is just a simple case of rocket jumping all the way to the top. We found that it could be done in nine or ten jumps - especially if you use a zipline at the end - but having at least ten ammo is preferable.

Mission 8 Level 6 Gift: Green

Neon White Mission 8 Level 6 Gift Location
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If you've already read our Neon White mission 7 gift locations guide you will have a good idea of how Neon Green's gift collections work. However, if you've not picked up one of Green's gifts yet, it requires you to pass through two symbols and then complete a hidden side mission to receive a strange coin as a reward.

Fortunately, your recently acquired building scaling skills will be transferred to this level too, but you will need even more ammo this time. Make sure to ignore all the enemies on the level, and only use the zipline in situations where you really have to. There isn't a specific required amount of ammo needed to get up there, but having around 40 is probably good enough.

Scale the building just before the finish checkpoint, and about halfway up should be a ledge with one of Green's tokens. This will spawn some balloon demons which you can bounce between, and then a giant glass pane which you will need to rocket jump across to get to the last token. After claiming that, it is just a simple case of running through the hidden level and collecting the coin at the end.

Mission 8 Level 7 Gift: Red

Neon White Mission 8 Level 7 Gift Location
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Climbing another building with lots of ammo will lead you on the path to another gift here - at least you should be a pro by now. Make sure to preserve ammo throughout the level by not shooting unnecessary enemies, with the key section being after you Stomp through the floor. In this section, only just rocket jumps instead of grapples to pick up the Dominion cards, ziplining only to the orange grapple point and beyond.

Don't miss the two ammo replenish cards along your way, jump off to the right of the green demon at the end, and start climbing the building. This is potentially the longest climb of the lot and you will need a lot of rockets to get there. Make sure you have at least one when you get to the top though, as you will need to zipline over to the crane where the gift lies in wait.

Mission 8 Level 8 Gift: Yellow

Neon White Mission 8 Level 8 Gift Location
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Progress through the level as usual, preserving a Dominion card at the section with the metal bars by hugging the left-hand wall down to the balloon demon at the bottom. Keep moving through until you reach the yellow demon that gives you an Elevate card. Drop until you're just underneath the large glass column in front of you, then use Elevate and Dominion rocket jumps to reach the top where the gift is.

Mission 8 Level 9 Gift: Violet

Neon White Mission 8 Level 9 Gift Location
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Retain an extra Dominion soul card by not using zipline for the first gap, then continue until you hit the balloon after the building you can see the gift in. Immediately turn around once you've bounced off the balloon demon, and rocket jump up the gift building until you can see and enter a vent. Head through there to drop down and then the gift is all yours.

Mission 8 Level 10 Gift: Mikey

Neon White Mission 8 Level 10 Gift Location
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This gift lies right near the end of the level, but you'll need to make sure to pick up at an extra Dominion card along the way. You can do this by avoiding any grapples in the section with the bubbles and exploding barrels, or by rocket jumping up to the Elevate card instead of using a zipline. 

When you get to the last section where you need to bounce off of the large glass panels, keep an eye out for a non-destructible panel to your left which you can scale to the top of. When you reach the top of the that you will find the final Neon White mission 8 gift. 

So, that wraps it up for all of the Neon White mission 8 gift locations. Hopefully they should be a lot easier to pick up now that you know what to do, all that is left is possessing the skills to pull each one off. If you're still stuck on some Neon White mission 6 gift locations though, make sure to have a read of our guide to fill in the gaps.

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