Neon White Gifts: All Mission 1 Rebirth Gift Locations

Neon White Gifts: All Mission 1 Rebirth Gift Locations
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Each Neon White gift can be redeemed to progress your connection with each of the various characters in the game. Unfortunately, your character in Neon White has a loss of memory, but you can luckily persuade people to fill in the gaps if you give them a nice present in return. However, some of the Neon White gift locations even in mission 1 can be quite hard to find, but we've luckily got you covered with a full guide below.

What Are Gifts And How To Get Them

Neon White Gifts Explained
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Finding each Neon White gift within the level isn't the first hurdle you'll have to clear. To even unlock the chance for each gift to spawn, you will have to get at least a Silver medal on the specified level. The gift will spawn on the level after you have cleared that threshold.

Most of the gift locations are puzzles in of themselves, and you will likely have to approach each level in a very different way, saving specific cards to get to unusual, off the beaten path locations. You don't have to worry about being quick for a change either, as the level 'finishes' the moment you pick up the gift.

You use gifts back at Central Heaven, and each character has their own location where you can talk to them. Neon Violet for example can be found in Believer's Park but Neon Red is found at Neon Bar.

Furthermore, each time you give a gift it unlocks a new interaction with the character, ranging from new dialogue, to even new hidden levels. Using enough gifts will eventually unlock memories for Neon White, which are needed if you're wondering how to get the Neon White secret ending.

So, for a full list of every gift in the game and how to get them, keep on reading.

Neon White Mission 1 Rebirth Gifts

Mission 1 Level 1 Gift: Yellow

Neon White Mission 1 Level 1 Gift
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To get your hands on the first Neon White gift, all you need to do is continue around the circle of water at the end of the level until you can jump on the platforms to the left. Continue to scale the platforms until you reach your first Neon White gift you can surprise Neon Yellow with.

Mission 1 Level 2 Gift: Red

Neon White Mission 1 Level 2 Gift
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Another easy one to let you get the hang of gift-collecting, all that is required for this one is to use the Purify card to bomb jump up onto the ledge. Don't worry about killing any of the demons in the level either as they aren't a requirement to collect the gift.

Mission 1 Level 3 Gift: Violet

Neon White Mission 1 Level 3 Gift
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This one is double the fun - use two Purify soul card discards to leap up onto both the angled roof and then the tall pillar that holds the gift in waiting.

Mission 1 Level 4 Gift: Yellow

Neon White Mission 1 Level 4 Gift
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Instead of taking the main path up the raised ramp when you get to the section in the picture above, head right towards the gift. You should only need one Elevate soul card to make the gap, but there are some around if you aren't too confident in making the jumps.

Mission 1 Level 5 Gift: Violet

Neon White Mission 1 Level 5 Gift
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Now that you're used to the Elevate soul card, you can use two this time. What you'll want to do is pop up to the tower beyond the one with the gift. Once you're there, use a single Elevate discard to jump up, and then the other card to get over to the gift.

Mission 1 Level 6 Gift: Yellow

Neon White Mission 1 Level 6 Gift
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Use the Elevate soul card on the bridge above the gift to be able to pick it up.

Mission 1 Level 7 Gift: Violet

Neon White Mission 1 Level 7 Gift
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You'll need two purify cards, so just ignore the enemies or shoot them instead of using the discard. Use the bomb jump to get up on the building to the left of the gift and then up to the gift itself.

Mission 1 Level 8 Gift: Red

Neon White Mission 1 Level 8 Gift
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Just use a Purify bomb to get up to the level above the red wall and collect your gift.

Mission 1 Level 9 Gift: Raz

Neon White Mission 1 Level 9 Gift
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Ignore all the enemies as you'll need one Purify to get to the first platform, and then a Purify and an Elevate to reach the second platform and the gift.

Mission 1 Level 10 Gift: Red

Neon White Mission 1 Level 10 Gift
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Only use the Elevate cards you need to, and make sure to kill all the yellow demons. After you've killed the yellow demon at the back of the last section you should have two Elevate cards and at least two Purify cards. Use the two Elevates to get up onto the arch, and then two bombs to get to the building to the left and then the gift building.

So, that completes our list of all the Neon White gifts for mission 1, detailing the location of each and which soul cards to use. If you're ready to move onto the next step, why not check out our Neon White gift guide for mission 2 to continue collecting.

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