How to find all the gifts in The Old City Mission in Neon White

How to find all the gifts in The Old City Mission in Neon White
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16th Jun 2022 17:00

Although there are only two Neon White gifts available in mission 4, they can still be a bit tricky to get. If you want to get everything done in Neon White then capturing all of the gifts is going to be a big part of that process. So, if you want to know the location of each Neon White gift in mission 4, and how to get to them, then keep on reading.

Neon White gifts are essentially the main pathway into accessing a lot of the game's side and additional hidden content. Alongside being a side activity to do already, the gifts are items that you give to specific characters in order to uncover new lore and take on tricky optional levels. It is surprising how much content is hidden behind these gifts as well, so it is very much worth finding them all.

If you're looking to focus on a specific character's storyline also, we have included the specific gift type of each gift in this list, so you can easily skip straight to them.

Where are all the gifts in The Old City Mission?

Mission 4 Level 1 Gift: Raz

Neon White Mission 4 Level 1 Gift
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You technically don't need any soul cards specifically to get your hands on this gift, as a good enough bounce from the exploding barrel can actually take you right to the path of it. It won't harm you keeping a hold of one of the Godspeed cards just in case though, as you could fall a bit short and then it would definitely come in handy. Just make sure to get a lift from both exploding barrels at the start of the level, and you should be all fine.

Mission 4 Level 2 Gift: Yellow

Neon White Mission 4 Level 2 Gift
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For the last Neon White gift in mission 4, you'll have to work all the way through the Forgotten City level, right to the point when you reach the finish checkpoint. From there if you look behind you, you should be able to see the gift. All it takes now is two Godspeed skill card rejections, and you'll be right there with your new gift for Yellow in hand. 

Although there are three levels in the Old City mission, only two of them have gifts due to boss fight levels being their own entity. Therefore, that wraps it up for both of the Neon White gifts in mission 4. If you want to know what your gifts can work towards, why not read our guide on how to get the Neon White secret ending?

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