Metaphor: ReFantazio release date, plot, gameplay, combat details, trailers & more

Metaphor: ReFantazio release date, plot, gameplay, combat details, trailers & more
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Originally titled under the 'Project Re: Fantasy' codename since 2016, Metaphor: ReFantazio is building up to wow both Persona players and those new to the works of the team within developer Studio Zero. 

With much of Atlus' Persona team, P-Studio - including longtime director Katsura Hashino - there's plenty to get excited about Metaphor: Refantazio. From its release date and plot to trailers and gameplay, let's go through all there is to know about the game. 

When is Metaphor: ReFantazio's release date?

Metaphor: ReFantazio is scheduled to release on the date of October 11, 2024.

For many Atlus fans, myself included, this is a huge relief. After all, it's not only been nearly eight years since the game's announcement after Studio Zero's founding but it's been even longer since the release of the last mainline Persona game as well - Persona 5. 

Image of the Metaphor: ReFantazio release date
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Whilst there have been plenty of Persona titles out since then, including P5 spin-offs, the enhanced Persona 5 Royal, and even the Persona 3 Reload remake of P3, there's still been no word on the next numbered instalment. 

P3, P4, and P5 director, Katsura Hashino, left P-Studio to head his own team still within Atlus - leading the production of Metaphor: ReFantazio in the same role. With that massive void left behind, it's easy to understand why it might have taken such a long time for us to hear anything about the next game - since Atlus could have needed longer to re-fill the spots in P-Studio. 

So in the meantime, since it's being made by the same director and much of the team behind the past Persona games, Metaphor: ReFantazio will be as close to a spiritual Persona 6 as we can get.

What is Metaphor: ReFantazio about?

Set in the United Kingdom of Euchronica, Metaphor: ReFantazio is a medieval fantasy story within a realm that mirrors the modern human world. 

Following the assassination of the king that brings the world into chaos, the mysterious Royal Magic is invoked. Although only more perplexing since Royal Magic was thought to be exclusive to the King, the land becomes immersed in the high-stakes Royal Tournament to decide who succeeds the throne. 

The prince in Metaphor: ReFantazio
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Meanwhile, you'll play the protagonist - an ostracised member of the Elda tribe who's out to lift the curse put on his longtime friend - the crown prince of Euchronia who was thought dead. To achieve their goal by readying themselves for the tournament in six months, you'll first have to venture out into the world and recruit allies throughout an epic adventure.

What is the gameplay like?

If you're a big fan of other JRPGs that have come from Atlus, Metaphor: Refantazio will share much of the gameplay styles seen in both Shin Megami Tensei games and Persona games - as well as those mechanics unique to it.

Fast & Squad battle system

Thought as a new way to effectively dungeon crawl, Metaphor: Refantazio's Fast & Squad battle system will allow players to switch between real-time & turn-based combat. Utilised in hand with Fae Sight, your fairy partner Gallica's ability to show an enemy's danger level along with your surroundings, "Fast" battle style is ideal for quickly dispatching weaker enemies. 

Turn-based-combat in Metaphor: ReFantazio
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For stronger enemies, however, you'll need to shift to the "Squad" command battle style - taking control of your configured party of up to four in turn-based combat, as the name implies. 

Party & Archetypes

Similar to Persona and Shin Megami Tensei games, Metaphor: Refantazio will see you recruit seven unique party members throughout the story. Each rich in unique characteristics, each party member not only adds variety in their personality but also in their Archetypes - transformable powers of heroic images awakened by building a relationship of trust. 

Archetypes in Metaphor: ReFantazio
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A twist on Shin Megami Tensei's demons or the Persona series' namesake powers, Archetypes are diverse in strengths and weaknesses - with each archetype acting as a form of class with their own special abilities.

The Seeker for example, whilst arguably a basic class, is an all-rounder in battle. Alternatively, the Mage archetype is great for using offensive magic to effectively strike weaknesses. For other means like plundering resources, though, that's where the Thief archetype may come in handy. 

The party in Metaphor: ReFantazio
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Not only can each party member transform into Archetypes in battle, there are plenty of strategic options to consider. By planning ahead towards the explorable dungeons ahead or the type of enemies who await, optimising your party of up to four with the right Archetypes is essential for defeating more powerful enemies.


Those who love Social Links in the Persona games will get a new equivalent in Metaphor: ReFantazio's Bond mechanic. Forming bonds with the various people the protagonist befriends on their journey helps unlock new Archetypes along with a follower's side story. 

Forming a Bond in Metaphor: ReFantazio
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Depending on which Bonds you prioritise, the acquisition of other abilities will be affected in addition to the development of your party and the story. 

Gauntlet Runner & towns

Rather than being set in one city, Metaphor: ReFantazio will take you across the whole country of Euchronica in the Gauntlet Runner - a large armoured vehicle that also serves as the home base for your party. 

In addition to a variety of activities and events you can enjoy with your allies; cooking, reading, and taking a nap; the Gauntlet Runner will take you to the game's various locales throughout the story. 

The Gauntlet Runner in Metaphor: ReFantazio
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One such place is the bustling and grand Royal Capital of Grand Trad, where the game takes place with class gaps between rich and poor being more distinct than ever.

Another, by contrast, is the charming Old Castle Town, Martira - a famous settlement known for its larvae-based cuisine. However, incidents including that of a Giant Sandworm scaring the residents will get the protagonists involved.

Another is the bustling and grand Royal Capital of Grand Trad, where the game takes place with the class gaps between rich and poor being more distinct than ever.

Accepting a Bounty in Metaphor: ReFantazio
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In each town though, you'll be able to find Recruitment Centres to take on bounties to kill beasts, visit taverns to obtain information, buy/sell weapons & armour, or relax at the local inn. Throughout each town, you can still find plenty of extra side quests as you visit different regions throughout the campaign. 

However, there will be a deadline to complete the main quest, so prioritising the right side quests for the ideal rewards is key for getting the most for your party before the Royal Tournament. 

Are there any trailers?

Announcement trailer

The first trailer for Metaphor: ReFantazio was shown at the Xbox Summer Game Fest showcase in June 2023. It's a rather chaotic trailer, to say the least, but it shows off the game's incredible style across both the visuals and the UI.

From what we have seen, it appears as if the game draws more from the aesthetics and mood of Shin Megami Tensei than Persona, ditching the school setting for a fantasy approach. This trailer is filled to the brim with otherworldly monsters and locales, so if you're a fan of Atlus RPGs, then you will certainly have a lot to look forward to.

The Royal Tournament trailer

We received another look at the game during The Game Awards 2023 as well, showing off more of the exciting visuals, combat, and world. New enemies are visible here, and we are given a greater glimpse at some of the social interactions you'll be able to undertake on your adventure.

The King's Trial trailer

The most recent trailer revealed the release date and was shown on April 22, 2024. This didn't just let us know when the game will come out though, as plenty of new footage was shown, alongside a deeper dive into the story and world that we'll be exploring.

Metaphor: ReFantazio's platforms

Image of the Metaphor: ReFantazio logo with all of the platforms
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While it was initially only shown to be coming to Xbox and PC, Metaphor: ReFantazio has since been confirmed for a number of additional platforms, which we have listed below:

  • Xbox Series X|S
  • PC (via Steam/Windows Store)
  • PlayStation 5
  • PlayStation 4

There is currently no confirmation of a Nintendo Switch version of the game, but I'll let you know if that changes at any point in the future.

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