What are Magic Synergies in Arcane Odyssey?

What are Magic Synergies in Arcane Odyssey?
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13th Mar 2023 11:23

To overcome the many enemies in the Roblox game, Arcane Odyssey, you'll need to master the intricate combat mechanics. One of those mechanics, utilising the important magic component, is Magic Synergies. Let's get into how these work in this Magic Synergies Arcane Odyssey Roblox guide.

What are Magic Synergies in Arcane Odyssey?

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In Arcane Odyssey, Magic Synergies are the result of how different types of magic match or mismatch with one another, like buffs or debuffs (also known as Clashing Power). There are also status effects resulting from Magic Synergies as well, like Bleeding or Melting. Each type of magic has both advantages and disadvantages to using it; so deciding what to add to your build based on Magic Synergies is all the more important.

Here are some typical examples of Magic Synergies in Arcane Odyssey:

  • Lightning magic has a 1.3 x Clash advantage against Shadow and Sand-type enemies, it will have a 0.9 x Clash disadvantage against Acid-type enemies.
  • Lightning magic has a Paralyse effect if used on an opponent of 33% HP or less, but the requirement is nullified if Soaked by Water magic.
  • However, if affected by the Paralysed effect, the target will lose any Frozen, Petrified, Charred, or Sandy effects.

So, Magic Synergies in Arcane Odyssey make the combat mechanics rather intricate - with different magic types and their effects providing positives and negatives depending on how you use them. 

That's all you need to know thanks to this Magic Synergies Arcane Odyssey guide. For more tips on the game, find out how to sell Gunpowder Barrel in Arcane Odyssey. For the latest Roblox codes, have a look at the newest selection of Anime Lost Simulator codes

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