Best magic combos in Arcane Odyssey

Best magic combos in Arcane Odyssey
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13th Mar 2023 10:05

Although you only get access to a single magic type when starting Arcane Odyssey. As you progress, you'll get to choose one more and will be able to utilise the game's intricate combat systems to pull off various combos to get the best of your opponents. Let's get into the best combos in Arcane Odyssey for this popular Roblox game.

Best magic combos in Arcane Odyssey

best magic combos arcane odyssey
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When taking into account magic in the game's closing powers and status effects, the best magic combos in Arcane Odyssey are as follows: 

  • Metal and Magma
  • Lightning and Water
  • Ash and Explosion
  • Ice and Water

Metal and Magma

Both Metal and Magma have respective attack-boosting effects, the Bleeding effect and Meltling effect - raising the damage of their attacks by 20%. 

Lightning and Water

Whilst Lightning's enemy Paralysis effect can usually be only used on foes with 33% HP or less, being soaked by Water magic nullifies this cost. So, not only will soaked enemies have 25% more lighting damage inflicted, but you can paralyse them as much as you like. 

Ash and Explosion

Ash magic's Petrified effect pairs brilliantly with Explosion's Charred effect. In addition to infliction 40% more damage on Petrified enemies, the Charred effect will also cause foes to become instantly petrified by Ash magic. 

Ice and Water

Water magic's Soaking effect combines with Ice magic to boost the latter's damage by 25%. What's more, Ice magic's Freezing effect will boost Water magic damage by 30%. Thirdly, when used on Soaked enemies, Ice magic will cause them to freeze. 

That's all you need to know thanks to our "best magic combos Arcane Odyssey" guide. For more Roblox tips, check out the latest Anime Lost Simulator codes or Pet Tapping Simulator codes

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