How to sell Gunpowder Barrel Arcane Odyssey

How to sell Gunpowder Barrel Arcane Odyssey
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9th Mar 2023 17:08

You may want to learn how to sell Gunpowder Barrels in Arcane Odyssey, as they are a great way of earning Galleons for you to spend on new items and upgrades. Arcane Odyssey is a Roblox role-playing game that takes place in the War Seas, a series of oceans with islands to explore, quests to complete, and items to collect. To get the most of your experience, you will need money, so check out how to sell Gunpowder Barrels in Arcane Odyssey.  

How to sell Gunpowder Barrel Arcane Odyssey

How to sell Gunpowder Barrel Arcane Odyssey
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There are a multitude of different ways to earn money in Arcane Odyssey, but selling Gunpowder Barrels is one of the simplest, quickest, and most profitable ways to do so. 

You can find Gunpowder Barrels in tonnes of locations, but they are most common around settlements and docks. They are also notable for their red colouring that helps them stand out, meaning it shouldn't be too much trouble to find some. 

Gunpowder Barrels can only be sold to Shipwright NPCs, who are located at the docks of most major islands, for a fixed rate of 25 Galleons. This isn't a huge amount alone, but if you can consistently sell barrels, you'll see the money start to build up quickly. 

Firstly, you'll want to find the Gunpowder Barrel you want to sell and pick it up with the Q key. With the barrel in hand, take it back to your ship and load it onto the boat storage with the R key. 

How to sell Gunpowder Barrel Arcane Odyssey shipwright
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You can then sail to any nearby Shipwright NPC. Once you've found one, pick up the barrel again and walk to the Shipwright. If you stand in front of them and hold the Q key, you will automatically sell the Gunpowder Barrel, netting you the 25 Galleons instantly. 

That's all for our walkthrough of how to sell Gunpowder Barrels in Arcane Odyssey, and now you know the full process for earning some easy money.

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