Where to find Obsidian in LEGO Fortnite & how to use it

Where to find Obsidian in LEGO Fortnite & how to use it
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  • Obsidian can be found in the lava caves that you'll encounter in the Dry Valley biomes, as an ore on the walls you'll need to mine
  • It can be used to create powerful tools, like the Epic Pickaxe that will help you gather even more rare resources

Obsidian is an extremely valuable material in LEGO Fortnite, so you may be wondering where you can find it and get your hands on it so you can put it to the best use - so I've broken down the best way for you to do just that.

There’s an assortment of resources you can use in the game, like Knotroot and Flexwood, but Obsidian is one of the trickier (and more dangerous) materials to get your hands on. But, the rewards for doing so are worth it in the long term.

Where to find Obsidian in LEGO Fortnite

In LEGO Fortnite, Obsidian can be found in lava caves in the more arid Dry Valley biomes of the map. While they can be hard to find, entering them will transport you inside an exceptionally hot space, so be sure to have plenty of items, food and materials that can cool you down.

A lava cave in LEGO Fortnite where you can find Obsidian
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Additionally, as the name suggests, you’ll have to navigate pools of lava once you’re inside, so be sure to mind your step. Unless you're in Creative Mode that is. In which case, feel free to float toward it.

Once in there, the Obsidian will be hanging in deposits on the walks and need to be hit with a pickaxe several times to break it off. Make sure you’re either taking a few pickaxes with you or one with high durability so they won’t break so easily.

What is obsidian used for in LEGO Fortnite?

Obsidian is a crafting item in LEGO Fortnite that is used for an assortment of features, including getting the Epic Pickaxe, like the one below, and for those who have been creating a settlement, upgrading your village to its final levels.

An epic pickaxe made from Obsidian in LEGO Fortnite
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Once you’ve got your hands on obsidian, since the deposits are somewhat finite, be sure to take the time to decide what you need to prioritise first before you use up this precious resource.

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That’s everything you need to know about finding and using Obsidian in LEGO Fortnite. But there are plenty of other resources and techniques you can use to help you Survive on our Fortnite homepage like learning how to cook or how to stay warm and avoid the cold (not including spending time in lava caves).

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