How to get free Trailblazer Tai skin in LEGO Fortnite

How to get free Trailblazer Tai skin in LEGO Fortnite
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Morgan Truder


7th Dec 2023 16:31

The LEGO event is finally here in Fortnite and with it comes a free Trailblazer Tai skin for everyone to enjoy - but you'll need to complete a series of quests to unlock it.

LEGO Fortnite is one of the most anticipated modes to ever arrive in the game. As well as offering a new way to play, it offers fresh takes on your favourite skins. If you want another skin for your collection, here's all you need to know about unlocking Trailblazer Tai. 

How to get the Trailblazer Tai skin

Before you can unlock the Trailblazer Tai skin, you'll need to claim the True Explorers Quest Pack and work your way through a series of quests in the new Fortnite LEGO mode.

Here's how you can get the True Explorers Quest Pack:

  • Fire up Fortnite 
  • Go to the Item Shop tab 
  • The True Explorers Quest Pack is towards the bottom 
  • Select the item to view it 
  • Now push the button prompt on the screen to claim it for free

When claiming the quest pack you can see the cosmetics you'll earn upon completing the four quests. It might appear as though this pack is a monetary transaction, but don't worry - it won't cost you anything.

Fortnite True Explorer quest pack
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True Explorers quests explained 

There are four quests you will need to complete so you can unlock the skin, and they are listed below: 

  • Invite An NPC to live in any village in a Survival World
  • Craft a Shortsword in a Survival World
  • Build a Spinning Wheel in a Survival World
  • Hit and deal damage with a Recurve Crossbow in a Survival World

All of these quests will need to be completed in a Survival mode World, so if you’re more interested in playing Sandbox you'll still need to jump into Survival if you want to get this free skin.

While there's no expiry date mentioned, the official website does state that this skin will only be available "during LEGO Fortnite’s launch window," so I'd recommend claiming it as soon as you can!

This isn't the only free skin you can get in Fortnite right now - if you link your Epic Games account and your LEGO Insider account, you can get the Explorer Emilie skin! We've got more information on that one here.

That's all you need to know about claiming the Trailblazer Tai skin. If you’re wondering if LEGO mode is permanent or how to play multiplayer, then we have you covered on our Fortnite homepage

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