How To Use The Rail Gun In Fortnite Chapter 2 - Season 7

How To Use The Rail Gun In Fortnite Chapter 2 - Season 7
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16th Jun 2021 11:26

Aliens have invaded Fortnite - and with them comes a variety of new additions to the game. One of the most notable is the Rail Gun. The Rail Gun may be one of the most powerful weapons ever released in Fortnite history. The futuristic sniper rifle became a staple of the game’s meta within a couple of days of its release. The second you get your hands on a Rail Gun you know you have something special. 

The Rail Gun can carry you to Victory Royale — but you must know how to use it. This guide will cover where to find a Rail Gun, what secondary weapons it pairs best with, and general tips on how to get the most out of this new high-tech sniper.

Where To Find A Rail Gun

Players will find Rail Guns primarily in Imagined Order (IO) Chests and off the corpses of IO Guards. IO Chests and IO Guards are both found at IO Bases. IO Bases are scattered across the island. A few prominent IO Bases include a base south of Misty Meadows by the snowy mountain, one west of Steamy Stacks, another west of Dirty Docks, and of course the main IO Headquarters hidden beneath Corny Complex.

Visit an IO Base and clear the location of all guards and chests. When you’re finished, there should be at least one Rail Gun available for looting.

Lastly, it’s possible to stumble upon a Rail Gun after eliminating an enemy player. The Rail Gun’s a popular weapon and there’s a good chance fallen enemies will have been carrying one in their inventory.

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Rail Gun Stats

The Rail Gun has some pretty insane stats. Let’s take a look at the Rail Gun’s statistical breakdown:

  • Rare Rail Gun
    • Reload Time - 3 seconds
    • Magazine Size - 1
    • Damage - 85
    • Fire Rate - 1
  • Epic Rail Gun
    • Reload Time - 2.85 seconds
    • Magazine Size - 1
    • Damage - 89
    • Fire Rate - 1
  • Legendary Rail Gun
    • Reload Time - 2.70 seconds
    • Magazine Size - 1
    • Damage - 94
    • Fire Rate - 1

The Rail Gun deals between 85-94 damage to the body and 170-188 damage to the head. To compensate, it holds just one bullet in the chamber and has a relatively lengthy reload time.

The Rail Gun’s defining feature does not show up on the stat sheet. The Rail Gun is capable of firing a charged laser beam through walls for max damage. The Rail Gun can penetrate up to two walls, destroying everything in its path. While the Rail Gun is charging, a bright red beam will be emitted from the barrel, alerting enemies to the incoming shot.

The Rail Gun is essentially an amped-up Heavy Sniper. The weapon uses Sniper Ammo and destroys all material in just one shot. When it comes to real players, it's not as strong as a traditional sniper, but it can still one-shot most enemies to the head.

How To Use The Rail Gun

The Rail Gun is best used against enemies that have gotten a little too cosy behind their fortified defences. It is a builder’s worst nightmare. 

The Rail Gun is ideal for taking out enemies that are hiding behind cover. Have your eye on an opponent boxed up in the distance? Fire a shot through their builds and watch them squirm.

The Rail Gun can fire shots through pre-built structures as well as player crafted structures. See an enemy enter a house in a location like Retail Row? Fire a couple of Rail Gun beams through the walls on the unsuspecting opponent.

When charging a Rail Gun, it’s best to look away from your target until the last second. This is because the Rail Gun emits a bright red beam when charging. This beam permits through all builds, warning enemies of the incoming shot. Shining this beam at your opponents will give them time to prepare and devise a counter-strategy. 

To maintain the element of surprise, Rail Gun users should look in a different direction while charging their shots. At the very last second, turn and fire toward your target. Using this method, no radiant beam will be released, and your opponent will have had no chance to see what was coming.

Finally, the Rail Gun is the perfect tool for taking out vehicles. The Rail Gun is the primary counter to the Flying Saucer UFOs. 

The Rail Gun is an all-around beast of a weapon capable of usage in a variety of situations.

Weapons To Combine With The Rail Gun

The Rail Gun is great on its own, but its full potential can only be reached when paired with a Recon Scanner. The Recon Scanner can be fired into an area to expose any enemies in the vicinity. All enemies within the Recon Scanner’s range will be highlighted in red.

With your enemies exposed, pull out the Rail Gun. Players can now line up shots perfectly on scanned enemies. The Recon Scanner exposes enemy players through walls, and the Rail Gun can damage enemies through walls. It’s a match made in heaven.

The Rail Gun can be paired with a shotgun for a deadly close-quarters combat (CQC) combination. Remember when the Hand Cannon could one-shot builds? That classic strategy works with the new Rail Gun.

Players wielding a Rail Gun can easily break into any enemy box. The Rail Gun will instantly destroy up to two walls, clearing your path of entry. With your opponent’s defences erased, leap into their box and finish them with a shotgun. This strategy will surely surprise your opponent and lead to a quick elimination.

Aliens may have invaded the Fortnite island, but they’re surely no match for the almighty Rail Gun. Use these tips and tricks to fight off the extra-terrestrial invasion as you march toward Victory Royale.

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