Is Guilty Gear Strive Cross Play?

Is Guilty Gear Strive Cross Play?
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20th Sep 2022 11:50

Guilty Gear Strive Season 2 is already underway, but has cross play been introduced yet? Guilty Gear Strive is a high-octane, heavy rocking 2.5D fighter from developer Arc System Works. Players are looking for any sign or smell of the game allowing cross-platform functionality between console and PC. We’ve had mentions of cross play for Guilty Gear Strive for some months, but do we have any confirmation? Here’s what we know.

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Is Guilty Gear Strive Cross Platform? 

Guilty Gear Strive Cross Play, Baiken
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Currently, in the year of our lord (Sol Badguy) 2022, cross play is not yet available for players of Guilty Gear Strive. Cross play development between PS5 and PC platforms was originally announced as part of a 1-year anniversary broadcast from Arc System Works (ASW) back in May of this year, with no concrete date for release. Since then, players have waited all summer for any further news. Thankfully, more information has dropped this past week.

When is Cross Play Coming To Guilty Gear?

Guilty Gear Strive Cross Play, Nagoriyuki
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While originally hoping for a cross play beta test window of mid-September 2022, fans would have to wait a little longer. Last week, players learned via a recent Developer Backyard blog from ASW that due to “unexpected delays”, the cross play beta test would be pushed to late September into early October. Details of the beta test and how to get involved would be released at a later date via the developer’s official website.

While this may leave some players disappointed due to an extended waiting period, Arc System Works has assured that once some final game adjustments are made after the test, that cross play should be released during Autumn 2022. 

Is Cross Play Available Across All Platforms?

Guilty Gear Strive, Bridget One Million Copies Sold Celebration Illustration
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As part of Xbox’s Tokyo Games Show stream, Guilty Gear Strive was revealed to be released for the Xbox Series, Xbox One, and Game Pass in Spring 2023. Sadly, no information is available on cross platform play between PlayStation, Steam and Xbox, with Arc System Works’ main focus looking to be between PlayStation and Steam for the moment. It is worth noting though, that ASW is also celebrating one million copies sold of Guilty Gear Strive, this could be a great sign that our ultimate cross-play fighting dreams between PC, PlayStation and Xbox may someday come true. 

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