Dragonheir: Silent Gods character tier list: Best heroes in the game (2023)

Dragonheir: Silent Gods character tier list: Best heroes in the game (2023)
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22nd Sep 2023 09:48


Figuring out who the best heroes in Dragonheir:Silent Gods are will help you find success, and we've got everything you need to do that in our handy character tier list.

With so many characters in this PC game, it can be very tricky to know which ones are actually worth picking up and playing. There's nothing worse than accidentally selecting a bottom-tier character in the game and finding things that much harder because of it.

Thankfully we've got you covered with the latest Dragonheir: Silent Gods character tier list below, so continue reading to find out all of the best heroes you can pick up right now in 2023.

Dragonheir: Silent Gods character tier list

Image of party combat in Dragonheir: Silent Gods
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Here is our tier list of all of the heroes in Dragonheir: Silent Gods:

Tier Heroes
S Acilia, Auster, Berengar, Elecebre, Felicity, Flora, Gillian, Hvitar, Jathalea, Lelwanis, Lothair, Lydia, Nastjenka, Philto, Tamar, Thelendor, Tonalnan
A Bionphray, Donella, Ergander, Errich, Eurion, Frurbath, Grishnaar, Heksandra, Hochadir, Horrus, Kamari, Khrysos, Mithrasea, Oggok, Schaltar,, Scharch, Scharlach, Sylvester, Voresh
B Alvis, Brody, Clovis, Corrin, Dane, Dorkuraz, Fungal-Glow, Gaiolere, Hubery, Huldork, Isitarian, Ivellios, Lorentheel, Nedda, Pargu, Ripekas, Sagomir, Sifris, Sutha, Talwer, Thea, Varna, 
C Dench, Durango, Eches, Enna, Garrika, Hegio, Lorarii, Noteera, Tioh, Vidimir, Zadok
D Eli, Thia, Korth, Questa

Who are the best heroes in Dragonheir: Silent Gods?

Image of a boss in Dragonheir: Silent Gods
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Our picks for the best heroes in Dragonheir: Silent Gods are Elecebre, Acilia, Auster, and Tamar.

Elecebre is an excellent choice for both PvE and PvP battles, dealing ranged damage and serving as the perfect support class too. Acilia is fantastic if you're facing a lot of debuffs, as they have abilities to dispel and grant immunity to debuff-related attacks.

Auster, on the other hand, is the perfect damage dealer - with a wide range of Ice attacks that can take down enemies in a flash. Finally, Tamar offers support capabilities like Elecebre, but with a lightning twist that is sure to shock your foes.

So, that's everything you need to know if you're looking for the best heroes in Dragonheir: Silent Gods, as our tier list tells you exactly where each character sits in the meta right now.

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