Clair Obscur Expedition 33 gameplay, trailers, platforms & more

Clair Obscur Expedition 33 gameplay, trailers, platforms & more
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10th Jun 2024 13:42



  • Clair Obscur Expedition 33 offers reactive turn-based combat in a stylised world
  • It's coming to PlayStation 5, Xbox Series X|S, PC, and will be available day one on Xbox Game Pass

Big-budget turn-based releases have been quite sparse in recent years, but the reveal of Clair Obscur Expedition 33 has fans of the genre more than excited to see more.

With a trailer in the bag and a bunch of gameplay details, there's plenty that we can unveil if you're looking forward to playing the game - making the wait for it to drop a little bit less excruciating!

All Clair Obscur Expedition 33 gameplay details

First and foremost, Expedition 33 is a turn-based game from France-based new developer Sandfall Interactive.

It's not just your standard turn-based action though, as it features real-time rhythm-esque elements that are reminiscent of games like Shadow Hearts and Mother 3, increasing your damage if you manage to time your hits correctly.

Image of combat in Clair Obscur Expedition 33
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It appears to feature a three-character party in fights against varied and huge foes, offering both mechanical and strategic challenges as you progress through the game.

You play as Gustave (voiced by Ben Starr,) and are joined by your fellow Expeditioners in a world based on the Belle Époque period of French and wider European history. There still remains plenty we don't yet know about the wider narrative, so I'll make sure to fill you in as soon as this information becomes available!

Are there any trailers?

Xbox Showcase

There is just one trailer shown for Clair Obscur Expedition 33 so far, as it was revealed at the 2024 Summer Xbox Showcase. This, thankfully, gave us a glimpse of the world and gameplay, offering a mix of breathtaking cinematics and kinetic combat.

What platforms will Expedition 33 be on?

  • PlayStation 5
  • Xbox Series X|S
  • PC (via Steam, Epic Games Store)

Thankfully there are plenty of options to choose from when it comes to platforms, ensuring that most players will be able to experience what Clair Obscur has to offer at release.

Image of the Clair Obscur Expedition 33 platforms and release window
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What's more, it'll also be a day one Xbox Game Pass title, meaning that any subscribers will be able to jump into the action at launch for no extra cost - and you certainly can't say no to that!

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