Tekken 8 Could Bring Back Guest Characters

Tekken 8 Could Bring Back Guest Characters
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Joseph Kime


16th Sep 2022 08:38

Tekken 8 is getting closer by the day, and fighting game fans are stoked, to say the least. It's been some time since we got a new Tekken title, with the last game launching in 2015 (which is now seven years ago) and little to go on since its debut.

The fighting game giant has been an icon since it first debuted on PlayStation in 1995, and in the meantime, players have had to replay the seventh title or supplement their obsession elsewhere. With a teaser and a trailer down for Tekken 8, players can't wait. And now, the Chief Producer of the game has hinted that the core roster of Tekken 8 might not be the end of the story.

Will Tekken 8 Have Guest Fighters?

Tekken 8 Could Bring Back Guest Characters
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It has been revealed that the upcoming Tekken 8 could be getting some guest fighters like its last few games. In a first-look interview with IGN, the game's Chief Producer Katsuhiro Harada has commented on the divisive history of guest fighters in the series.

"We were quite happy with the results," he said. "When we first announced guest characters, the fans were just so shocked, both good and bad. But just that reaction that they got from first seeing it was really satisfying. It was ultimately a win for us because they did quite well."

Explaining what it was like introducing Fatal Fury's Geese and The Walking Dead's Negan, Harada added, "It was a win for the fans because they got something brand new and different for the series, and it was a win for the IP owners because they saw what we made and they saw the reactions from the fans and they were really happy about the results of it. So I think everyone in general, all around, was quite happy with the guest characters and how they turned out for Tekken 7."


Tekken 8 Could Expand Its Roster

It certainly seems from Harada's comments that the series did well with its guest character appearances - and continuing from this statement, he suggests that the team at Tekken 8 definitely want more to appear in the series. "We're not talking about wanting the guest characters to hang around for Tekken 8, but in general – not even just for Tekken, but in general – it is something that we are really happy we did because it's good to get that kind of motivation from working with some new material and also just the connections that you make with other people in doing so," he says.

It's great news for Tekken fans, but given that we've had characters from Street Fighter, Final Fantasy and even The Walking Dead, anyone could show up next. We've seen Mortal Kombat do it well with the likes of Rambo and the Joker, so who knows who the next king of fighters will be? One thing's for sure, though, the final bell hasn't been rung yet. 

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