Who is Nikki in the Guardians Of The Galaxy?

Who is Nikki in the Guardians Of The Galaxy?
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Guardians of the Galaxy Nikki is the heart of Eidos Monteal's intergalactic romp. However, besides the heart, she is also an incredibly important character in the wider Guardians of the Galaxy universe, and not just this game. If that is the case though, who is she? What are those coveted comic book origins? What choices does she entail that change the narrative? And is Nikki Peter Quill's daughter? Here's everything you need to know about Guardians of the Galaxy Nikki, which means there are plenty of spoilers ahead. 

Who Is Nikki? 

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The Guardians of the Galaxy Nikki character is first introduced in Chapter 2 as Nikki Gold, after the Guardians are captured by the Nova Corps. Nikki is the daughter of Nova Corp captain Ko-Rel, of whom Peter has a history. Peter quickly begins to suspect that Nikki may be his estranged daughter. 

Nikki also becomes the catalyst for the Promise, a mind-altering entity stemming from the Soul Stone - one of the six Infinity Stones. Urging the Guardians on, they aim to save Nikki not just because they believe her to be Peter’s daughter, but also to save the Galaxy. It’s kind of their thing. 

Tell Ko-Rel The Truth Or Take The Blame

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In Guardians of the Galaxy Nikki is in trouble with her mother, when they finally reunite later in Chapter 2. Here you have the options to tell Ko-Rel that Nikki has stolen a pass key, or take the blame yourself and say you hacked your way through the space station. Telling Ko-Rel the truth in Guardians of the Galaxy has next to no benefits, as she confiscates the pass key from Nikki. 

On the other hand, if you take the blame yourself, Nikki will give you the pass key to hide. Later in the game when you return to Hala’s Hope, you will be able to access a collectible thanks to Nikki’s pass key. In Guardians of the Galaxy Nikki is the one to side with when it comes to deciding whether to tell Ko-Rel the truth or take the blame. 

Is Nikki Peter Quill’s Daughter? 

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For the majority of Guardians of the Galaxy Nikki is believed to be Quill’s daughter. We even get what is seemingly confirmation when the team finds an unfinished DNA test. However, upon speaking to the remnants of Nikki’s mother Ko-Rel inside the Promise, it is revealed that Nikki is an orphan of war. Nikki is not the daughter of Peter Quill in Guardians of the Galaxy

Despite this Peter Quill appears to be taking on the guardian role pretty seriously with Nikki. Although we suspect that Guardians of the Galaxy Nikki won’t be needing any protection after the events of this game. 

Nikki brings the team together, however choices such as the Guardians of the Galaxy Rocket or Groot dilemma can tear them apart.

Comic Book Origin

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Fans of the comic book may know Guardians of the Galaxy Nikki as Nicholette Gold. While her comic origins may not be obvious to start, Nikki takes a more recognisable form once the Grand Unifier Raker has been defeated. With her signature fire-like hair, Guardians of the Galaxy Nikki becomes a more powerful character as well as the potential sixth member of the Guardians. If you are struggling to defeat the Grand Unifier, we have some handy Guardians of the Galaxy tips to help you out. 

In the comics, Guardians of the Galaxy Nikki is a genetically engineered superhuman, who is rescued by the Guardians in an abandoned spacecraft. Her abilities include the withstanding heat and ultraviolet radiation. In Guardians of the Galaxy Nikki can be seen flying as well. 

Now you know everything you need to know about Guardians of the Galaxy Nikki, why not check out our other tips like the Guardians of the Galaxy lottery ticket guide. 

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