New Genshin Impact Sumeru Teaser Trailer

New Genshin Impact Sumeru Teaser Trailer
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26th Jul 2022 12:43

HoYoverse has released a new Sumeru trailer, showcasing the new Dendro region to be added to Genshin Impact in the upcoming 3.0 update. The Genshin Impact teaser reveals more information about the region, including the different diverse biomes we can expect, what kind of Archon quest we will get and how the region fits together. For more information about Sumeru gameplay, read on.

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Genshin Impact: Sumeru Trailer

Genshin Impact: Sumeru Gameplay

Forest robot in Sumeru, Genshin Impact
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The new trailer titled 'Of Rain And Sand', is said to feature Sumeru as a "city nestled among the rainforest, surrounded by ancient trees and rivers. Head westward, and you will step into the realm of dust and sand."

Far from the desert plains, most fans were expecting, Sumeru is shown to be a lush rainforest region, awash with luminescent biomes, like that of Pandora from Avatar. HoYoverse has explained that as the Dendro Archon region, Sumeru will be a divide between rainforest and desert landscapes, an ambitious bridge away from the regions we currently have.

The wild and untameable beauty of Sumeru can already be seen through these teaser trailers, featuring treehouses akin to those of Lothlorien in The Lord of The Rings, a city integrated around an ancient tree and curious machinery long-since powered down. The story behind these giant automatons remains a mystery for now, with developers elusive if they may play more of a part in the story than simple environment design.

Whilst the rainforest boasts an untouched wildness, the desert areas featured in the trailer show some intriguing glimpses into past civilisations, through Egyptian and Grecian-inspired statues and temples. As Sumeru is canonically home to one of the best academies in Teyvat, this historical influence isn’t surprising.


Genshin Impact: Sumeru Archon Quest

Ancient ruins in Sumeru, Genshin Impact
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The Sumeru storyline will feature the Traveler investigating the forests, of which some have been taken over by a peculiar corruption, killing all the plant life. As the plant element Dendro is the celebrated element of the region, we can assume this will play a big part in the Archon quest.

The trailer also features a curious storm of tornadoes above the desert ruins, seemingly magical in nature. Whether this too will play a part in the storyline is up for debate.

The Sumeru Akademiya is the world-leading institute for learning that several Genshin Impact characters have mentioned before. Lisa, the librarian of Mondstadt is a notable figure who attended the academy. There have been no leaks yet to determine if we will be able to visit the area in the Sumeru update, but fans remain hopeful.

Stay tuned for more Sumeru updates and leaks as they are revealed.

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