How to find all the Shrine of Depths in Genshin Impact

How to find all the Shrine of Depths in Genshin Impact
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If you're hunting for all of the different Shrine of Depths locations in Genshin Impact, we've compiled a list of them all across Teyvat's major regions of Mondstadt, Liyue, Inazuma, Sumeru, and Fontaine.

Shrine of Depths are special towers in the game that contain exquisite chests, ready to be opened for equally special rewards. The only crux is that these Shrines are scattered across the world and require special Shrine of Depths Keys to open - so here's all the steps you need to take to get them.

Where are all the Shrine of Depths in Mondstadt?

All Mondstadt Shrine of Depths map locations in Genshin Impact
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Shrine of Depths map number Directions

Travel East of Springvale, past a pile of rocks and over the cliff nearby.

2 Located near the Statue of Seven in this region. Travel in the direction of Mondstadt from the statue and you should come across the shrine with relative ease.
3 Located south of the Cecilia Garden Domain.
4 Located at the base of the cliff, glide down from the cliffside waypoint to access the shrine.
5 West of the arena located here; the shrine will be uphill.
6 The nearby beach waypoint is a good starting point. From there, travel south past the rocks.
7 On a cliff in this region, simply travel northeast from the waypoint nearby.
8 Located near the Temple of the Lion Domain, climb past the rocks by the gates to access the shrine.
9 At the top of the tallest cliff in this region, travel past Dadaupa Gorge.
10 Make the trek from the Dawn Winery and scale the cliffs.

Where are all the Shrine of Depths in Liyue?

All Liyue Shrine of Depths map locations in Genshin Impact
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Shrine of Depths map number Directions
1 Located by the lake, southwest of the Bishui Plains waypoint. 
2 Accessible on a pathway behind a breakable wall. The wall can be broken with an elemental or combat attack and is located right of the Mountain Cavern Domain. 
3 Travel down from the Mt. Aocang waypoint. 
4 In the cliffs behind the Nantianmen waypoint. 
5 On the east-facing cliffs past the waypoint close to here. 
6 Located at a cave entrance near the river, south of the Domain of the Wayward Path. 
7 This is the southern island belonging to the Liyue region. Start from the Domain of Guyun and swim towards it. 
8 Inside a cave entrance, located left of the Hidden Palace of Zhou Formula Domain. 
9 At the top of the cliffs in this region and near the lake located here. 
10 Below the cliffs located northeast of the waypoint nearby. 

Where are all the Shrine of Depths in Inazuma?

All Inazuma Shrine of Depths map locations in Genshin Impact
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Shrine of Depths map number Directions
1 Located on Tsurumi Island, on an outcrop below Shirikoro Peak. 
2 Located on Tsurumi Island, southeast of the Chirai Shrine. 
3 Watatsumi Island, northeast of the Sangonomiya Shrine. 
4 Yashiori Island, located southwest of Jakotsu Mine. 
5 Yashiori Island, southeast of Serpent’s Head. 
6 Kannazuka Island, south of the Mikage Furnace waypoint. 
7 Kannazuka Island, south of the waypoint in this location. Glide below to access. 
8 Located on Seirai Island, northwest of the Koseki Village waypoint, drop down to access. 
9 Narukami Island, east of the waypoint located in Chinju Forest. 
10 Narukami Island, located on a smaller island just off the coast of Ritou. Swim from this point to access the shrine. 

Where are all the Shrine of Depths in Sumeru?

All Sumeru Shrine of Depths map locations in Genshin Impact
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Shrine of Depths map number Directions
1 This shrine is located on a cliff overlooking the Ruins of Dahri, southwest of the rainforest region of Sumeru. 
2 Northeast of Port Ormos, close to the teleporter in this region. 
3 Far west of Vanarana, south of a teleport waypoint in the area. 
4 South of the teleport near Chatrakam Cave. 
5 The shrine here is on the northern cliffs above Eye of the Sands, you can access the point here by using the glider. 
6 Travel southeast from Sobek Oasis, into the sand dunes to find this shrine. 
7 Located at the Dune of Elusion, in the underground. 
8 Located within the Wounded Shin Valley, on the far west side of the Desert of Hadramaveth. 
9 West of the Debris of Panjvahe. The shrine is placed on an outcrop of rock north of The Sands of Three Canals 
10 On the cliffs above the Asipattravana Swamp and a teleport waypoint. 

Where are all the Shrine of Depths in Fontaine?

All Fontaine Shrine of Depths locations in Genshin Impact
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Shrine of Depths map number Directions
1 This Shrine is located in the southwest of Fontaine, on top of a cliff west of the Elynas Statue of Seven.
2 For this Shrine, travel directly north of Fontaine City, towards the cliff range and behind the orchard here.
3 Travel northeast of Fontaine City, the Shrine will be located on the cliffs, slightly north of Marcotte Station.
4 This Shrine should be too difficult to find as it is close to the Central Laboratory Ruins, to the southwest. The Shrine will be in the area indicated above, underwater.
5 The next Shrine is located north of New Fontaine Research Institute. Climb the hillside here to access the Shrine.
6 The last Shrine of Depths in Fontaine can be slightly trickier to access because it is deep underwater (as such it is not listed on the map image above). Specifically, you can find the Shrine within the Elton Trench, between the above-water Elynas and Poisson regions.

How to get Shrine of Depths keys

Shrine of Depths keys can mostly be obtained by completing challenges in Domains, where you’ll have to fight off waves of enemies to succeed. This will allow you to open all 46 Shrine of Depths dotted around the five major regions.

We've broken down all the challenges and Adventurer tasks you'll need to complete for each region below:

Mondstadt keys

  • Temple of the Falcon
  • Temple of the Wolf
  • Temple of the Lion
  • Eagle's Gate
  • Ascension Domain I (Awards 3 Keys)
  • Complete the ‘New Horizons of Adventure’ Quest given by Katheryne of the Adventurer Guild in Mondstadt
  • Adventurer Handbook Chapter 4 task: ‘Upgrade the Statues of The Seven in Mondstadt to Lv. 6’
  • Adventurer Handbook Chapter 5 task: ‘Open 100 chests’

Liyue keys

  • The domain of Forsaken Ruins
  • The domain of the Wayward Path
  • Hidden Palace of Guizang Formula Domain (Grants two keys)
  • ‘The Chi of Yore’ quest, given by Yan’er on the Bishui Plains
  • ‘The Tree Who Stands Alone’ world quest given by Yuang Hong at the Mingyun Village
  • ‘Treasure Lost, Treasure Found’ quest given by Soraya in the Guili Plains
  • Reach Adventure Rank 35 and complete the world quest from the Ascension Domain (Rewards 3 Shrine of Depths keys)

Inazuma keys

  • Chapter II: Act II Main questline ‘Stillness, the Sublimation of Shadow’
  • Rewarded for upgrading the Statue of the Seven to levels: Two, four, Six, Eight and Ten
  • Rewarded for offering Electro sigils to the Sacred Sakura in the Grand Narukami Shrine. Rewarded at levels: 8, 18, 28 and 38

Sumeru Keys

There are two main ways to get the Sumeru Shrine of Depths keys: First, you'll need to make an offering of Dendroculi (the glowing green orbs found floating throughout the Sumeru map) to the Statue of the Seven in the region.

Dendro Sigils can be obtained as you spend Dendroculi at the Statues of the Seven, or from opening chests in Sumeru.

You'll also need to give Dendro Sigils to the Tree of Dreams. The Tree of Dreams is in Vanarana in Sumeru, and you must complete the Aranyaka quest chain first, to unlock the tree's reward system.

The following are the keys you'll get per level obtained at the Statues of the Seven and Tree of Dreams. Achieving each level will reward you with one Sumeru shrine key each:

  • Sumeru Statues of the Seven levels 2, 4, 6, 8, 9, 10
  • Sumeru Tree of Dreams levels 8, 18, 28, 38

Fontaine Keys

As with the Sumeru keys, to obtain the Fontaine Shrine of Depths Keys, you’ll need to make offerings to the Statue of Seven in the region. The currency for this region is Hydroculus, glowing blue orbs that can be collected across the region’s map. Once you have some collected, present them to the Statue of Seven.

You can also gain Keys from the Fountain of Lucine (located outside the Opera Epiclese), in return for Hydro Sigils. Hydro Sigils can be found in chests throughout the region.

You’ll get Keys from the fountain once you have given enough sigils to pass the following levels:

  • Level 8
  • Level 18
  • Level 28
  • Level 38

Shrine of Depths rewards

A character in a shrine in Genshin Impact
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Each chest located in the Shrine of Depths will reward the Traveler with randomised weapons and Artifacts, along with 40 Primogems, 60 Adventure XP and 10 Sigils (which can be traded in for unique souvenirs), making the shrines a viable option to give you an XP boost if you’re stuck on an Adventurer Rank.

That's not all though, as there are in-game achievements for opening all Shrine of Depths in each location, rewarding further Primogems to the player.

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