All Fortnite x Spider-Man quests & rewards

All Fortnite x Spider-Man quests & rewards
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18th May 2023 14:31


Miles Morales is visiting the Island, and with him comes a series of Fortnite x Spider-Man quests. These Spider-Man-themed quests reward bunches of XP and even some exclusive Spider-Man-themed Fortnite items. So, if you want these limited-time goodies, here's everything you need to know about the Fortnite x Spider-Man quests and rewards.

Fortnite x Spider-Man quests: Week 10

Help find Miles Morales in Fortnite by putting up 'Where's Miles' posters.
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In anticipation of the Fortnite Miles Morales Spider-Man skin, Chapter 4 Season 2's Week 10 Seasonal Quests feature a challenge to put up three 'Where's Miles' posters around the Island. Gwen is searching everywhere for Miles Morales but seems to believe he's lost somewhere in Fortnite.

There are multiple spots in MEGA City, Slappy Shores, and Shattered Slabs, and a single spot at Solitary Shrine, where you can slap a 'Where's Miles' poster.

Fortnite x Spider-Man quests: Week 11

The Mythic Web Shooters are coming back to Fortnite as Spider-Verse Web Shooters!
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Following the week-long search and rescue of Miles Morales, a portion of the Week 11 Seasonal Quests will revolve around finding and using the brand-new Spider-Verse Web Shooters Mythic. Below are all the Spider-Man-themed challenges coming in Week 11 of Chapter 4 Season 2:

  • Collect the Spider-Verse Web Shooters (1)
  • Swing ten times using the Spider-Verse Web Shooters before landing (1)
  • Travel distance using the Spider-Verse Web Shooters (500)
  • Purchase an item from Gwen (1)

  • We expect the Spider-Verse Web Shooters to function similarly to the original Fortnite Mythic Web-Shooters.

Fortnite x Spider-Man quest rewards

You can earn free Spider-Man-themed items by completing the Fortnite x Spider-Man quests!
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Not only can you earn a ton of XP for completing the Fortnite x Spider-Man quests, but you can get exclusive Spider-Man-themed items in-game too!

Collecting your first pair of Spider-Verse Web Shooters will award you the Morales Mark Spray. With the Spider-Verse Web Shooters equipped, swing ten times consecutively before landing to unlock the Silk and Cologne Music Pack. And if that wasn't enough, you can net a total of 120K XP toward your Battle Pass and Season Level if you complete all five of the Spider-Man-themed quests available across Weeks 10 and 11.

While Miles Morales is the star of this latest Fortnite x Spider-Man crossover, the associated quests and rewards are a nice bonus! Complete Spider-Man-themed quests during Weeks 10 and 11 of Chapter 4 Season 2 to earn XP and unlock the Morales Mark Spray and the Silk and Cologne Music Pack for free in Fortnite.

You can use the Spider-Verse Web Shooters to fall five stories or more without taking damage in Fortnite.

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