Where to find the web-shooters in Fortnite

Where to find the web-shooters in Fortnite
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6th Dec 2021 14:49

Are you looking for the Fortnite Spider-Man mythic location? The newest chapter of Fortnite just launched, bringing with it a brand new map, battle pass, and mysteries to unfold. Yet one of the most interesting additions comes alongside the Spider-Man skin. However, unlike the skin, which is locked behind the battle pass, the Fortnite Spider-Man mythic weapon is available in-game to all. With that said, let's get right into the Fortnite Spider-Man mythic locations and how to unlock them. 

Where can you find the web-shooters?

The Fortnite Spider-Man mythic locations on a map.
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If you, like many others, are on the hunt for the Fortnite Spider-Man mythic locations, then your first guess was probably to head to the Daily Bugle in the north-east segment of the new Flipped map. However, you would be met with bitter disappointment, because that's not actually where you can get your hands on the web-shooters. 

The Fortnite Spider-Man mythic location is on canyon walls.
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Instead, you'll want to head further south-west, just below Rocky Reels. If you drop down there from the Party Bus, you might notice some webs, which double up as jump pads. Have a look around these areas, and you will spot the web-shooters stuck to the wall. They tend to have a slight golden glow and are in a backpack. Just approach the backpack and you can either destroy or open it. Either way will award you with the Fortnite Spider-Man mythic and a healing item. 

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How to use the web-shooters

Once you have found the Fortnite Spider-Man mythic locations you can swing.
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Once you have the Fortnite Spider-Man mythic location locked down, you'll want to get those bad boys to use. The Fortnite Spider-Man mythic web-shooters have a web capacity of 75, and while you can't equip two sets of web-shooters, they can stack if you find another set, replenishing your webs. However, all 75 webs are likely to last you the majority of the match. 

Once selected in your inventory they are incredibly simple to use. Just aim around as you would and a small circle on the reticle will indicate that your web can attach. Then hit the trigger button and you will swing off. The new swinging mechanic is actually quite lenient, so don't worry too much about hitting walls, but you can steer yourself quite easily. The only bit of skill required is that it works better if you keep swinging. As soon as you land from a swing, you will have to wait for a 10-second cooldown. Overall this is a fantastic way to traverse the map, as well as a great way to swing your way out of danger. Remember that you can also attach yourself to cars and road surf. 

That's everything you need to know about the Fortnite Spider-Man mythic locations. And once you are done swinging about, maybe check out our guide on how to slide in Fortnite

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