Fortnite Miles Morales Spider-Man skin release date & price

Fortnite Miles Morales Spider-Man skin release date & price
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17th May 2023 17:13


For many, Miles Morales is their favourite variant of Spider-Man, and now he's available in Fortnite. This latest Outfit adds to the growing list of Spider-Man skins in Fortnite. This guide contains everything you need to know to get the Miles Morales Spider-Man skin in Fortnite.

  • If black and red are your favourite colours, you will love the Miles Morales and Fortnite Goku Black Outfits.

Fortnite Miles Morales skin release date

Epic Games has been hinting at a Miles Morales Outfit for a while now!
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The Miles Morales Spider-Man skin hit the Fortnite Item Shop on May 23, 2023. That window to purchase the skin has passed, but skins in the Item Shop occasionally return.

If you missed out on Miles the first time, keep an eye on the store going forward and you might just get another chance to pick the skin up.

How to get the Miles Morales Spider-Man skin in Fortnite

The rumoured Fortnite Miles Morales Spider-Man Outfit is finally official.
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To play as Miles Morales in Fortnite, you need to purchase the skin in the Item Shop while it's actively listed for sale.

Various iterations of Spider-Man have existed in Fortnite for some time now, but tragically, not all Spider-Man variants are still available. The original Spider-Man and Spider-Gwen, for example, are Battle Pass exclusives. If you didn't unlock these Outfits when they were originally released, you missed your chance forever.

That won't be an issue with the Miles Morales Spider-Man skin, though, as this Fortnite Outfit is offered in the Item Shop. As long as you have enough V-Bucks, you can add Miles Morales, also known as Spider-Man (Earth 1610), to your Locker!

Fortnite Miles Morales skin price

We can get an idea of how much the Miles Morales Spider-Man skin will cost based on the other Fortnite Spider-Man skins.
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Expect to shell out 1,500 V-Bucks to secure the Miles Morales Spider-Man skin in Fortnite, with the option to pay additional V-Bucks for a bundle with bonus Spider-Man cosmetics. 

This isn't the first Spider-Man skin to appear in the Fortnite Item Shop, as the Spider-Man (No Way Home) Outfit and the Fortnite Spider-Man Zero Outfit both debuted in Chapter 3. Each of these versions of Spider-Man cost 1,500 V-Bucks, so we'd assume Miles Morales will come in at a similar price point.

That covers the basics of how to get the Miles Morales Spider-Man skin in Fortnite. The brand-new Spider-Man (Earth 1610) adds to the growing list of Spider-Man Outfits in Fortnite. Play as Miles Morales and swing around the Island using the Fortnite Mythic Web-Shooters as soon as May 17, 2023.

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