Where to find Specialist Characters in Fortnite

Where to find Specialist Characters in Fortnite
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31st Mar 2023 20:57

Fortnite Specialist Characters are a brand-new classification of NPC. Different Specialist Characters fulfil different roles and can greatly assist you on your quest to claim a Victory Royale in Fortnite. Let's review Specialist Characters and where you can find all the Specialist Characters in Fortnite.

All Fortnite Specialist Characters

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Fortnite Specialist Characters are split into four types: Scout, Heavy, Supply, and Medical. Below are brief descriptions of how each Specialist type functions, plus which NPCs you can hire to perform that role:

Scout Specialist

Scout Specialist Characters wield a Sniper and can ping nearby enemies and Chests. You can hire Longshot and Insight as Scout Specialists.

Heavy Specialist

Heavy Specialists toss explosives at enemies and boast more Health than other Specialist Characters. The current lineup of Heavy Specialists consists of Sludge and Polar Patroller.

Supply Specialist

Supply Specialists ensure that you are always stocked with plenty of ammo and mats. Munitions Expert and Garrison serve as Supply Specialists.

Medical Specialist

Medical Specialists will toss Chug Splashes at you to replenish your Health and Shield. You can put Remedy and Triage Trooper to work as Medical Specialists in exchange for gold bars.

Where to find the Fortnite Specialist Characters

Where to find the Scout Specialists

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Longshot hangs out in the tower at Royal Ruin west of The Citadel. You can find Insight posted at the mountaintop north-west of Solitary Shrine and south-west of Cold Cavern.

Where to find the Heavy Specialists

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Sludge resides at Steamy Springs while Polar Patroller watches over the Icy Islets Landmark west of Brutal Bastion.

Where to find the Supply Specialists

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If you need supplies, Munitions Expert is available for hire at Breakwater Bay. Alternatively, Garrison is at Watery Watch in the south-west corner of the Island.

Where to find the Medical Specialists

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Take a trip to Secluded Spire south-west of Slappy Shores to recruit the Medical Specialist Remedy. Or, you can find and partner with Triage Trooper north of Crusty Crates.

With the addition of Specialist Characters to Fortnite, NPCs are more useful than ever before. Visit any Specialist Character and pay between 200-250 gold bars to add the character to your party.

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