Groot's Awakening Challenges: Unlocking Sapling Groot

Groot's Awakening Challenges: Unlocking Sapling Groot

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9th Sep 2020 15:30

Groot, the sentient tree-like creature from Guardians of the Galaxy, is one of Fortnite Chapter 2 - Season 4’s featured skins. Groot has traditionally been more of a side-kick but takes on a lead role in Fortnite. Groot scored his very own Mythic item on top of a whole series of cosmetics. 

But what would Groot be without his anthropomorphic raccoon partner? Fortnite Chapter 2 - Season 4 allows players to explore the island with Groot and Rocket Raccoon at the same time. Even sweeter, baby Groot is available as a back bling. No matter what skin you use, it’s possible to bring Groot along for the ride.

However, baby Groot and Rocket Raccoon aren’t just handed out like other Battle Pass items. These two friendly creatures require completing a string of specific challenges revolving around Groot. 

In this guide, we will highlight exactly how to unlock Sapling Groot and Rocket Raccoon. Additionally, we’ll run readers through some tips and tricks related to each challenge so that you can show off these charismatic companions as soon as possible.

Fortnite Groot Challenges
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Unlocking Sapling Groot

Sapling Groot is Groot in baby form. The young Groot can be worn as a back bling on any skin. Sapling Groot is full of life and will dance around on the player's back. There are two prerequisites before you can bring baby Groot along as a companion.

First, players must reach level 32 in the Chapter 2 - Season 4 Battle Pass. This will unlock Sapling Groot's personal Awakening Challenge. Battle Pass tiers can be purchased for V-Bucks, but most players choose to progress through it the old fashion way. Each tier of the Battle Pass requires a certain amount of XP to level it up. XP can be earned through a wide variety of methods. Daily and Weekly challenges, XP Coins, Punch Cards, and normal gameplay all reward XP toward the Battle Pass. If you're looking for help on the Weekly challenges, check out our Weekly Challenge Guide.

Most of the time, reaching the appropriate Battle Pass tier is the only requirement for unlocking a specific cosmetic. That is not the case with Sapling Groot. After reaching tier 32, players must go out and rescue baby Groot.

In the centre of Holly Hedges lies a flower shop. In the back, there is a large nursery filled with all kinds of plants and flowers. This is where players will find baby Groot hiding.

Groups of flower pots are spread throughout the nursery. Players can systematically search through each bunch or opt just to destroy everything instead. Baby Groot will survive if you choose the latter. Hiding within one of the assorted groupings of pots will be our cherished baby Groot. Interact with him to complete the rescue mission. Sapling Groot can now be equipped as a back bling on any skin.

Fortnite Groot Challenges
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Unlocking Rocket Raccoon

Similar to Sapling Groot, players must go through a few steps before they can reunite Groot with his furry raccoon friend. Player’s using Groot can summon Rocket Raccoon using the Battle Brother emote. The Battle Brother emote becomes available at tier 46 of the Battle Pass. Reaching tier 46 will unlock Groot’s exclusive Awakening Challenges. Players must complete two different Awakening Challenges to unlock the emote. Both of these challenges require that the player is wearing the Groot skin.

The two challenges are as follows:

  1. Plant a seed on a heart-shaped island as Groot 
  2. Emote as Groot at a friendship monument 

Plant a seed on a heart-shaped island as Groot 

Groot’s first Awakening Challenge asks players to plant a seed on a heart-shaped island. Players must have the Groot skin equipped beforehand or planting the seed will not be possible.

Start-up any game mode and turn your eye to the far west side of the map. On the map’s west coastline, between Sweaty Sands and Holly Hedges, players will notice a series of mini-islands. Jump out of the Battle Bus and fly toward that area. As you approach, the heart-shaped island will be clear as day. Upon landing, there will be a patch of soil. Walk up to it and use the interact key. This will plant the seed and complete the challenge.

Emote as Groot at a friendship monument 

Players that want Rocket Raccoon to tag along with them will first need to prove their loyalty. This is done by performing an emote as Groot at a friendship monument.

Like the heart-shaped island, the friendship monument can be found near Sweaty Sands. A short walk north-west of Sweaty Sands will take players up into the hills near Coral Castle. Between a grouping of trees, two large statues are high-fiving each other. One is made of hay, and the other is made of pipes. Emote between the two statues and Rocket Raccoon will appear. Groot’s best buddy will now join him on his mission to rid the Fortnite universe of the evil villain Galactus.

Fortnite Groot Challenges
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The map pictured above highlights the specific destinations players will need to visit to unlock both Sapling Groot and Rocket Raccoon.

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