Fortnite Chapter 2 - Season 4 Challenge Guide: Week 2

Fortnite Chapter 2 - Season 4 Challenge Guide: Week 2

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Coleman Hamstead


4th Sep 2020 13:15

We are two weeks into the Fortnite x Marvel crossover season. The war to save reality has begun. Galactus threatens the universe and our Fortnite champions have recruited the help of Marvel superheroes (and villains) such as Storm, Doctor Doom, and Iron Man. Together, they must defend reality at all costs.

The new season brings with it new locations, weapons/items, cosmetics, and of course, challenges. Completing challenges throughout the season is essential for levelling up the Battle Pass. Some players love the activity of challenge hunting. For others, it may feel like a chore. Regardless, they are a necessity for those looking to earn all the exclusive rewards.

Challenges were actually nerfed this season. Standard challenges now offer 25,000 XP and the Party Assist challenge grants 50,000 XP. Compare this to last season where standard challenges gave 35,000 XP and the Party Assist challenges offered a massive 80,000 XP. This means completing all the challenges is even more pertinent this season. Players that still need to catch up should check out our Week 1 Challenge Guide.

Without further ado, let’s take a look at our Challenge Guide below for an in-depth breakdown of every single Week 2 challenge and the best course of action for completing them.

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Search Chests at Salty Springs (7) - 25,000 XP

Just reading this challenge may give some players nightmarish flashbacks. Challenges that require players to search chests at a specific location are always some of the most hectic and time-consuming. There's just simply not enough chests to go around for the number of players dropping at the location.

The fact Salty Springs was chosen this week makes it even worse. Salty Springs is always contested. Now, at least 2x as many players will be landing there. However, there are a few things you can do to make this challenge easier.

Most notably, players can save this challenge for last. No matter what you do, this challenge will take a while. It's near impossible to open more than 3-4 chests per trip - and that's if you're lucky. Instead, wait until the end of the week. There will be far fewer players at Salty Springs and your chance of finding chests will significantly increase.

If you're too eager to wait, hop into either Solos or Team Rumble. Head straight down to Salty Springs as fast as possible. Grab as many chests as you can before they all get snatched up. Afterward, immediately leave the game. Your progress will still count but you won't waste any more time. Continue this pattern until seven chests have been searched.

 A lot of this challenge comes down to luck, but these strategies will save you some precious time.

Eliminations at The Authority (3) - 25,000 XP

Midas and Jules are long gone, but The Authority POI still stands in Chapter 2 - Season 4. This challenge requires players to achieve three eliminations at the location.

This may sound intimidating to more passive players. After all, The Authority is dead centre of the map and a paradise for "sweaty" players. However, the Team Rumble game mode makes this challenge a breeze.

Hop into Team Rumble and jump out of the Battle Bus toward The Authority. Loot up as much as possible, and search the surrounding area for players. At the start of the match, there may not be many enemies around, but more will trickle in as the match develops. Eventually, The Authority will be swarmed with players.

Keep picking fights and the three eliminations will come in no time. The best part about Team Rumble, if you die, you can just fly right back down to The Authority. This challenge should only take one match to complete.

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Dance on top of different Sentinel heads at the Sentinel Graveyard (3) - 25,000 XP

This challenge takes players to one of Chapter 2 - Season 4's new POIs. The Sentinel Graveyard is a barren field south of The Authority filled with the robotic remains of giant machines called Sentinels. Players must climb on top of three of their heads and perform an emote.

This is a perfect challenge to pair with challenge #2, listed above. This challenge can easily be done in the same match. Once again, Team Rumble is the ideal game mode for this challenge.

Head to Sentinel Graveyard either before or after eliminating three players at The Authority. Climb or build to the head of three different Sentinel corpses. Quickly perform an emote and make way to the next head. This should only take a few moments to pull off. If you get griefed by another player, just fly back down and start where you left off.

Destroy boats at Craggy Cliffs (7) - 25,000 XP

At first glance, this challenge may sound like a pain. Destroying seven motorboats at Craggy Cliffs would take forever right? Well, this challenge does not mean motorboats. ANY type of boat will count. Craggy Cliffs is filled with canoes, dinghies, and other small water vessels.

The ideal path involves starting at the Cap'n Carp building near the left-centre of Craggy Cliffs. Cap'N Carp is Fortnite's official fishing equipment store. There are three canoes inside. From there, head into the building directly next door to the south. Inside, there should be two more boats dangling from the ceiling. Finally, walk out the open garage door toward the beach. Right in front of you will be at least four more types of boats to destroy. This is more than enough to complete the challenge in one go.

'Dilbert Challenge' (4) - 25,000 XP

This challenge is hidden in the game files. All we know is that it has the code name “Dilbert Challenge”. 

According to leakers, this challenge will have something to do with a new POI coming in Week 2. Ant Manor will supposedly make its way into Fortnite this coming week. The location is home to Marvel superhero, Ant-Man.

The best guess is that this challenge will involve doing something four times at the new Ant Manor POI.

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Ride a Motorboat under different coloured steel bridges (3) - 25,000 XP

There are five different coloured steel bridges throughout Fortnite's map. The colours are as follows: yellow, purple, red, blue, and green. However, for this challenge, players can ride under any three of them. 

The fastest and most efficient route involves the red, blue, and green bridges. Startup any game mode and aim for the large river south of Doom's Domain and north of Salty Springs. A large red steel bridge should be visible. Beside it will be a dock with a motorboat alongside. Grab the boat and head to the east, riding under the red bridge as you go.

Continue onward and take a left when the river forks. From there, drive straight and the blue bridge will appear in front of you. Pull a U-turn and go back the way you came from until you're back at the river fork. Head straight until you reach the large lake surrounding The Authority. Stay left and follow the river east. We're on the home stretch. Continue straight until you see the green bridge ahead. The challenge will complete once the player has ridden under three different bridges.

Search S.H.I.E.L.D Chests inside Quinjets (7) - 50,000 XP

Quinjets are one of the new features of Chapter 2 - Season 4. At the beginning of each match, Quinjets will fly by the Battle Bus and land in random locations. These locations will emit a blue smoke, visibly marking them for all players to see.

Be warned, these locations are hot and dangerous. The Quinjets are patrolled by Stark Robots wielding Energy Rifles. Also, Quinjets are home to Mythic Weapons, meaning swarms of enemy players will be there in hunt of them.

This challenge is best completed in a squad using the updated Party Assist Feature. Choose a Quinjet Patrol Site and gather there as a squad. Defeat the Stark Robots and any enemy players in your way. Inside the Quinjet will be a S.H.I.E.L.D chest containing high-tier loot. All players in the party will receive credit for opening it.

Unfortunately, each Quinjet contains only one S.H.I.E.L.D chest. This means players will need to visit at least seven Quinjet Patrol Sites to finish the challenge. If you're confident in your abilities, consider splitting up two and two in Squads. Each party of two should head to a different Quinjet Patrol Site. Fight your way inside the Quinjet and open the S.H.I.E.L.D chest before other players can bother you. Using this method, you should be able to obtain two chests per match.

Following the strategy from challenge #1, players may consider leaving after the Quinjet has been looted. This will allow you to get back into another match with fresh S.H.I.E.L.D chests. This strategy will speed up an otherwise tedious challenge.

The reward for this advanced challenge is double the XP of a standard challenge.

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Deal damage to opponents at Catty Corner (500) - 25,000 XP

Catty Corner is probably one of the best locations for this type of challenge. It may no longer be home to Kit and their Mythic Weapons, but it's still dense with desirable loot.

This challenge is best completed in Solos mode, as there is no guarantee of finding players at an outside POI like Catty Corner in Team Rumble. Hot-dropping here will give the best opportunity for dealing damage. Quickly find a weapon and brawl it out. It may take a few attempts due to RNG, but there's no real "trick" to this one. Just hope to find enemies and deal out as much damage as possible.

We’ll be back next week with another edition of our Fortnite Challenge Guide. Stay tuned here @GGReconEsports for Fortnite news, guides, features, and more.

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