All Foamstars trophies & how to unlock them

All Foamstars trophies & how to unlock them
Images via Square Enix

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Dave McAdam


6th Feb 2024 10:51

Curious about the trophies for Foamstars? A new team-based shooter from Square Enix, Foamstars has come to PlayStation consoles exclusively, meaning a full list of trophies for players to unlock.

The trophy list is quite short and straightforward, making this free-to-play shooter an excellent candidate for completionists. Here is the full list of trophies in Foamstars and how to unlock them.

All Foamstars trophies

The list below contains each trophy and the challenge you must complete to unlock them. There are 12 trophies in total, nine bronze, two silver, and one gold trophy.

The game seems to be forgoing a platinum trophy, which may be sad news for trophy fans. Still, it should be one of the easier games to get a 100% completion.

Characters shooting foam in Foamstars
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Trophy How to unlock
Smash the Star (Bronze) Win in Smash the Star (private and ranked parties excluded)
Rubber Duck Party (Bronze) Win in Rubber Duck Party (private and ranked parties excluded)
Happy Bath Survival (Bronze) Win in Happy Bath Survival (private and ranked parties excluded)
Give It Up For The Party Legend (Bronze) Win in Ranked Party
Nice Save! (Bronze) Score a Nice Save on a teammate
Foamed Up (Bronze) Foam up an opponent (lounge and private parties excluded)
Nice Chill! (Bronze) Chill 10 opponents (lounge and private parties excluded)
One To Watch (Bronze) Win an award in any area
Nice Squad! (Bronze) Clear a Squad Mission on Normal
The Best Squad (Silver) Clear a Squad Mission on Hard
Let's Party! (Silver) Attend 25 parties (private parties excluded)
We Are FOAMSTARS! (Gold) Reach player level 25

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That is it for our rundown of the trophies in Foamstars and how to get them. For more on the game, head to our Foamstars homepage where we have guides on the release times and how to access through PlayStation Plus.

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