Foamstars tier list & best characters ranked

Foamstars tier list & best characters ranked
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Daniel Megarry


9th Feb 2024 10:45


Foamstars is the hot new shooter on the block, so it's important to know what the best characters are if you want to get ahead of the game and blast your opponents away.

Despite there only being eight characters to choose from at launch, there's a Foamstar for every playstyle, whether you want a nimble all-rounder like Soa or a devastating tank like Jet Justice. But some are better than others, so I've put together a tier list to help you decide on a main. 

Who is the best character in Foamstars?

It's still early days, of course, but Penny Gwyn has already emerged as the clear front-runner for the title of best character in Foamstars. This assault rifle-wielding champ can deal consistent heavy damage to close and medium-range opponents, while her abilities add some long-range potential to her loadout.

Penny Gwyn in Foamstars
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If you're a complete beginner in the multiplayer shooter sphere, though, I'd recommend going with Soa. As the face of Foamstars, she's a solid all-rounder who's easy to get to grips with. Her ultimate ability makes her temporarily invincible, too, which is ideal if you find yourself getting eliminated often.

While these are two of the best characters to use in my opinion, each Foamstar has its own strengths and weaknesses, so I've put together a tier list with more details on each one below.

Foamstars full character tier list

Here's how I'd rank the characters in Foamstars at launch:

Tier Characters
S Tier Penny Gwyn
A Tier The Baristador, Soa, and Tonix
B Tier Mel T and Rave Breaker
C Tier Jet Justice and Agito

While nothing has been confirmed yet, there's always a chance that buffs and nerfs could arrive in future updates. If that does happen, I'll keep this tier list updated to reflect any changes.

Foamstars characters ranked from best to worst

1. Penny Gwyn


Penny Gwyn in Foamstars
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Medium-range takeouts are the order of the day for Penny Gwyn. With her assault rifle, she can provide consistent pressure on rivals while keeping her distance to avoid getting instantly wiped out. Her ability, Penguin Squad, launches a barrage of dual shots, which is great for dishing out some quick damage.

Penny’s second ability, Toboggan Bomb, sends an adorable Bubble Beastie penguin named Slider on a rampage around the field, bouncing off walls. If that’s not enough power, her ultimate attack, Emperor March, does the same but on a bigger scale, blasting away foam before bowing out with a massive explosion.

If you’re looking for someone who can run-and-gun like a traditional shooter, look no further than Penny Gwyn. She’s the obvious standout from the pack so far - but good luck trying to choose her in a match before another teammate does!

2. The Baristador

The Baristador in Foamstars
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Coffee aficionados, this Foamstar is for you. The Baristador is a stylish character who uses long hose shots to unleash froth with accuracy. Not only does this let you attack from a safe distance, but it also allows you to create paths of foam for your teammates to surf on - making him a great supporter for any team.

Bitter Drip is a unique ability that creates a tall wall of froth in front of you, while Super City Roast sends out his cat-like Bubble Beastie, Toraja, to create a foam path. The Baristador can even make the perfect foamy tulip with his ultimate attack Latte Art Royale. Could he be any more dreamy?

3. Soa

Soa in Foamstars
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The pink-haired pop star Soa is a great all-rounder, with fast-firing twin handguns as her primary weapon and great mobility skills. Her ability, Spiky Beat, is essentially a sticky foam grenade, while Bubble Step is a stylish move that fires a barrage of shots angled in the direction you move.

Soa's ultimate attack is Gotta Crush, which lets her roll around inside a Spiky ball and damage any rivals she bumps into. The best thing about this move is that you won't take damage when using it, rounding off an easy-to-use moveset that's great for beginners or players who value speed.

4. Tonix

Tonix in Foamstars
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If you're someone who prefers to keep your distance and score eliminations from afar, then Tonix might be your new favourite Foamstar. There's no sniper in the game - at least not in the traditional ADS sense - but Tonix's rifle has excellent range, making her the closest thing you'll find here.

Her abilities complement her ranged support style, with Mr. Bouncy Bubble chucking a foam bomb that chases down rivals, and Ms. Fizzy Turret III (yes, this is actually what they're called) throwing down a turret gun that locks onto any opponents that come too close.

Tonix is already a very popular choice - I've seen her in pretty much every match I've played so far.

5. Mel T

Mel T in Foamstars
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This premium Battle Pass-exclusive character might look adorable, but don't let that fool you, as she's got some devastating attacks in her moveset. Mel T's weapon is a launcher that can fire homing missiles at your rivals - which is ideal for people who struggle to aim amongst all the foam.

Her abilities are some of the strongest in the game, with Sumptuous Promo launching an air strike and Sweet Campaign summoning a Candy Bubble Beastie who fires off rounds of foam. Mel T's ultimate attack is the star of the show, though, unleashing a continuous laser beam that will destroy any rivals in its path.

6. Rave Breaker

Rave Breaker in Foamstars
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For gamers who like to get up close and personal, there’s no better Foamstar than Rave Breaker. His weapon delivers a wide hose shot that covers plenty of ground and builds up foam fast to help you hide from opponents - although its range admittedly isn't the best.

Rave Breaker's ability, Home in the Foam, let him dive into the ground and jump back up for a surprise foam attack, while Decontamination acts like a proximity mine - chucking a hidden Roly-Moley into the foam which will explode when an opponent gets too close.

I’m not a massive fan of these abilities to be honest - his primary weapon is where it’s at - but Rave Breaker’s ultimate attack is pretty spectacular, launching a powerful Roly-Moley that sucks up both nearby foam and unsuspecting rivals so your team can blast them away.

7. Jet Justice

Jet Justice in Foamstars
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The heavy hard-hitter of the Foamstar roster is Jet Justice, who carries a dual-purpose blaster that can fire three shots of foam at once, or be charged up to release a single shot that rolls along leaving foam in its path. This is nice in theory, but it's slow and fairly difficult to aim in reality.

Jet Justice's ability Cosmic Dive is a fun one, letting him launch high into the air before stomping back down to the ground - ideal for a surprise attack on a group of rivals. His ultimate attack, Galactic Bubble Shield, is a great way to defend your team, creating a shield that fends off enemy foam.

The main problem with Jet Justice is that in a game as chaotic and fast-paced as Foamstars, speedy characters tend to take priority. And while his Galactic Bubble Shield is nice in theory, your rivals can simply move to another part of the arena to avoid it.

8. Agito

Agito in Foamstars
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The unfortunate award for 'worst character' goes to Agito. This shotgun-wielding Foamstar might seem like a great option for zooming in and blasting rivals away, but in practice, he's far too easy to counter. Every time I played as Agito, I'd end up eliminated before I could even get close enough to use my weapon effectively.

Agito's saving grace is his Storm Shot 2EX ability, which chucks an exploding shuriken at rivals. This attack has a surprisingly good range, which somewhat makes up for his disappointing primary weapon. His ultimate ability, THX GG, is sadly a letdown too - sending off a homing shark that's pretty easy to avoid.

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That's everything you need to know about the current tier list and which characters you should be using! I'll keep this updated if new characters get released or any changes to the meta emerge.

Visit our Foamstars homepage for more news and guides on this silly shooter, including how to unlock all of the characters and a list of all the trophies and achievements in the game.

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