Is Foamstars on PlayStation Plus?

Is Foamstars on PlayStation Plus?
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Joshua Boyles


6th Feb 2024 09:30

With Foamstars release month now here, many players will wonder if the game is set to be included on PlayStation Plus, giving players a chance to give it a go all for free.

Foamstars is Square Enix's answer to Splatoon, taking the third-person shooting and painting gameplay and slapping foam on top instead. Like any multiplayer, it needs to establish a playerbase to survive, so can you try it for free on PlayStation Plus and be part of the first wave?

Is Foamstars on PlayStation Plus?

Foamstars is included as part of PlayStation Plus, making it one of the February entries to its continually growing list of free games.

You also only need the first tier of PS Plus to get the game for free.

How to download Foamstars on PlayStation Plus?

the PlayStation Plus menu
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If you're looking to download your free copy of Foamstars, follow these steps:

  • From the PlayStation dashboard, navigate left to the PS Plus screen
  • Select 'Monthly Games' from the options at the bottom
  • Locate Foamstars and select it to head to its dedicated store page
  • Press 'Download', wait for it to finish, and get gaming

Check out our Foamstars homepage for more guides. We've also covered the release time of the game, and how to unlock all the trophies.

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