All Foamstars characters & how to unlock them

All Foamstars characters & how to unlock them
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Dave McAdam


6th Feb 2024 16:09

The Foamstars character list gives you plenty of options for how you want to play. Each of the Foamstars you can play as has their own look and their own set of abilities they bring to the party.

There are six characters available from the start, and two that must be unlocked or purchased to use in the game. Here's the full list of characters, what they do, and how to get those two extra Foamstars.

Full character list

The eight playable characters in Foamstars are:

  • Soa
  • Tonix
  • Jet Justice
  • Penny Gwyn
  • Race Breaker
  • The Baristador
  • Mel T

The character selection screen in Foamstars
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All but the last two characters on that list are available from the start. The Baristador is unlocked by reaching player level 3, whereas Mel T is part of the battle pass and must be purchased.

Character abilities

Each character has a unique weapon that shoots foam its own way, two active abilities, and one ultimate ability. Those are as follows:

Character Ability 1 Ability 2 Ultimate
Soa Spiky Beat: Throws a projectile which sticks to the surface it hits and explodes after some time Bubble Step: Soa leaps up high, firing bubbles of foam in a vertical pattern Gotta Crush: Soa rolls around in a large Spiky ball, knocking back enemies on contact
AGITO Storm Shot 2EZ: Throw a large shuriken that embeds in the surface it hits, before exploding Deep Blue Gank: Dive under the foam and move around as long as the button is held, leap out by releasing the button THX GG: Makes Kirimaru (a shark) grow huge and race off like a torpedo, homing in on enemies
Tonix Mr. Bouncy Bubble: Throw a foam bomb that follows opponents before exploding Ms. Fizzy Turret III: Set up a sentry gun that fires lines of foam at enemies in front of it King Blaster XIII: Summon a large robot that fires at enemies with a mega-foam cannon
Jet Justice Jet Vacuum Sphere: Shoots Graviton out in a straight line, which then pulls enemies into it Cosmic Dive: Jet into the air before smashing back down Galactic Bubble Shield: Create a giant shield which protects teammates and increases ability regeneration
Penny Gwyn Toboggan Bomb: Send a sliding penguin ahead and create a foam path Penguin Squad: Place a penguin that fires foam ahead Emperor March: Send a large penguin forward some distance, knocking back enemies and exploding at the end
Rave Breaker Decontamination: Throw a Roly-Moley that embeds in foam, then explodes when an enemy gets close Home in the Foam: Dive into the foam and move around for a time, before bursting out The Party's Over: Throw out a powerful Roly-Moley that pulls in surrounding enemies and foam
The Baristador Bitter Drip: Fire a missile that creates a wall of froth where it hits Super City Roast: Fire out Toraja, which creates a foam path and sprays foam around Latte Art Royale: Send Toraja into the air, before firing a foaming milk laser
Mel T Sumptious Promo: Fire ice cream missiles to bombard an area with bubbles Sweet Campaign: Summon Candy, who fires lots of ice cream Force Beam Tasting: Aim and fire a cream laser

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That's it for the Foamstars character list and their abilities. For more, head to our Foamstars homepage where we have guides on the release times, trophies, and how to access the game via PlayStation Plus.

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