Are There FIFA 23 TOTWs During The World Cup?

Are There FIFA 23 TOTWs During The World Cup?
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Harry Boulton


14th Nov 2022 11:45

With the regular footballing season suspending to make way for a winter World Cup for the first time ever, many players are asking the question: are there FIFA 23 TOTWs during the World Cup? While FIFA has historically continued to release Team of the Week squads during various international breaks, the World Cup is getting a lot of standalone content that might get in the way. So, to find out what is happening to TOTWs in FIFA 23 during the World Cup, make sure to carry on reading down below for all the details.

Will There Be TOTW During The World Cup?

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EA has officially announced that they are suspending the FIFA 23 Team of the Week during the World Cup, with the last entry being TOTW 9, which arrives on Wednesday, November 16.

There will be no direct replacement, with things like SBCs, Man of the Match cards, and various 'Best Of' teams for each stage taking the mantle instead. Beyond this, you will also be able to follow the performance of various World Cup nations along through the various Path to Glory cards, which have an insane upgrade potential if their respective team goes all the way.

One of the biggest questions players might have with the removal of the Team of the Week cards is what will happen to the various FIFA 23 Weekend League rewards. The FUT Champions player picks and TOTW packs are obviously tied to whatever Team of the Week players are in packs at any one time, so you might be wondering what is happening to them.

While we have not received any official communication from EA quite yet in regards to what is replacing these rewards, leaks have thankfully come in clutch once again. Reportedly, any TOTW packs and FUT Champions player picks will instead now be packs and player picks with various minimum overalls. We don't currently know what this minimum overall threshold will be, or whether it will apply to every card in the pack, but we hope that it meets the minimum threshold of around 30,000 Coins for each TOTW pack. 

The trouble with that is that even worthless TOTW cards have a minimum discard value of around 9,000 Coins, whereas Gold cards worth 10,000 Coins on the market have a discard of far lower, so we could see quite a significant market crash for higher rated cards as the supply crashes in each weekend.

If you're wondering when the FIFA 23 TOTW returns, it is likely to be December 28, as league football begins again on Boxing Day. If EA considers that to be too tight of a turnaround though, we might have to wait until January 4, but that is quite unlikely. 

So, that's everything you need to know if you were wondering: are there FIFA 23 TOTWs during the World Cup? If you want to stay up to date with the new swaps release though, make sure to check out our FIFA 23 World Cup Swaps tracker.

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