How To Get FIFA 23 World Cup Players

How To Get FIFA 23 World Cup Players
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Harry Boulton


11th Nov 2022 18:45

Lots of people are wondering how to get FIFA 23 World Cup players when looking at all of the various new objectives there are to complete in Ultimate Team. The World Cup game mode this FIFA, as brought with it a plethora of new cards, but it can be quite tricky to understand how to actually get your hands on them. So, to find out how to get FIFA 23 World Cup players, make sure to have a read of the rest of this guide.

How To Get FIFA 23 World Cup Players

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The FIFA 23 World Cup players are new limited-time variants of various cards from nations involved in the World Cup this year. They will only exist in-game until January 5, and are not eligible for any additional boosts, but they are exclusively used within the new World Cup Swaps objectives.

Almost all of the objectives require you to win a certain number of games with at least six of these World Cup players in your squad, but it is rather unclear how to actually get your hands on them in the first place. You will automatically get six World Cup players from a country of your choice by simply logging into the game for the first time, but beyond that, it gets a bit tricky.

All of the other World Cup players are gained through objectives in the Milestones tab, where you need to score just a single goal in any FUT game mode with a player from a specific World Cup nation. Doing so will reward you with a national team's Essentials Pack - often the same as the player you scored with, and completing an objectives set will give you an 80+ World Cup 3 Players Pack to bolster your collection further.

The best way to get all of these packs quickly is to have each of your starting 11 and bench players be a different nation, and then head into a Squad Battles game on Beginner, or play against your friend, and then score a single goal with every player.

That's how to get FIFA 23 World Cup players, so you'll be on your way to racking up your Swaps tokens in no time now. If you're looking to complete any SBCs though, make sure to have a read of our FIFA 23 cheapest 85 rated players list here.

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