FIFA 23 POTM Terrier SBC Solution

FIFA 23 POTM Terrier SBC Solution
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Harry Boulton


18th Nov 2022 16:56

It's time for the of Player of the Month cards again, and the FIFA 23 POTM Terrier SBC solution is this month's choice for the Ligue 1. Player of the Month cards in FIFA are often good cheap options for your league-based squads, so don't overlook them too easily. So, to find out all of the objectives and cheapest squads for the FIFA 23 POTM Terrier SBC solution, make sure to carry on reading down below.

POTM Terrier SBC Objectives

Thankfully, there is just one squad that you'll need to complete for the FIFA 23 POTM Terrier SBC solution, meaning that it really shouldn't be too hard to get your hands on, even if your club isn't stacked.

This is a great card to pick up if you have a Ligue 1 based team right now, as there isn't a huge amount of choice in terms of great cheap players for the league. As he can play LW, LM, and also ST, there is plenty of flexibility on offer to fit into your team.

Here's everything that you'll need to do to get the POTM Terrier SBC completed:

  • Martin Terrier
    • # of players from Ligue 1: Min One
    • Min OVR of 85: Min Two
    • Squad Rating: Min 83
    • # of players in the Squad: 11

While this does require more than his first POTM card, it is still a great value card that is worth far less than the performance he will give you on the pitch. You have until December 17, 2022 to get your hands on the card, so plenty of time to think it over.

FIFA 23 POTM Terrier SBC Solution

Here's all that you'll need if you're wanting to complete the one squad for as little money as possible:

Martin Terrier

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  • Lopes
  • Eriksen
  • Onana
  • Ibrahimovic
  • Christensen
  • Sergio Busquets
  • Depay
  • Rulli
  • Chilwell
  • Haller
  • Kramaric

Estimated cost: 20,000 Coins

Overall the cost of this SBC comes out to around the price of the one objective, which is 20,000 Coins. This is a great price for the player, and a fantastic option even just to use in an SBC too. Considering France is such a ubiquitous nation in football, you'll be hard-pressed to find some way to not fit him into a squad.

So, that wraps it up for our FIFA 23 POTM Terrier SBC solution, giving you the price, stats, and objectives you'll need if you want to get the card. If you're looking to score some hidden gems in the market though, make sure to check out our FIFA 23 best cheap players list.

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