FIFA 23 Live Tuning Update 1 Patch Notes

FIFA 23 Live Tuning Update 1 Patch Notes
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Harry Boulton


5th Oct 2022 09:58

The FIFA 23 Live Tuning Update 1 is here, giving fans the first glimpse of some changes that are coming to the game. FIFA players always dread the first patch, as it often changes the way the game is played for both good and bad reasons. So, to find out everything that has been changed in the FIFA 23 Live Tuning Update 1 patch notes, make sure to check out the rest of this guide below.

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FIFA 23 Live Tuning Update 1 Details

FIFA 23 Live Tuning Update 1
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Here's a full list of everything that has been changed in the FIFA 23 Live Tuning Update 1:

  • Reduced the accuracy of penalty kicks taken when the composure ring is yellow or red
  • Increased Technical Dribbling animation speed for lower rated dribblers, specifically impacting players with dribbling attributes under 90
  • Referees are less likely to call fouls for arm related collisions
  • Referees more likely to award yellow cards for Hard Slide Tackle fouls


As you can see, these are on the surface not hugely significant changes, focussing more on the accuracy of play than the impact of it. We have for sure been on the favourable side of some dodgy fouls, but it is better for the health of the game that they become more accurate, even if it means that you're going to be able to get away with a bit less.

The most significant change in the FIFA 23 Live Tuning Update 1 is definitely the dribbling changes though, as close control dribbling is definitely far less effective in the current title compared to FIFA 22.

This change could go in two directions really: the bigger players could become even more meta as they now possess improved dribbling skills, or there could be a bit more balance added, as players with better dribbling could stand out more.

Overall though, it is quite hard to tell exactly the significant effect of changes like this until they have been tested and played with for a while, but it is certainly something to look forward to trying out.

So, that wraps up this guide for the FIFA 23 Live Tuning Update 1, giving you all the new changes that have arrived in the first patch notes for the game. If you're wondering what all the fuss is about the new FIFA 23 AcceleRATE system though, make sure to check out our detailed guide for all the information you'll need.

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