FIFA 23 Elite Eight SBC Solution

FIFA 23 Elite Eight SBC Solution
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Harry Boulton


6th Oct 2022 20:41

Figuring out the FIFA 23 Elite Eight SBC solution will go a long way in helping you finish the Hybrid Nations SBC group, which has some attractive rewards. The Advanced SBCs are always good to do at the start of a new FIFA game, as they can give you some high-value packs in exchange for a relatively inexpensive investment. So, to find out what the cheapest FIFA 23 Elite Eight SBC solution is, alongside the objectives and rewards, make sure to carry on reading down below.

FIFA 23 Elite Eight SBC Objectives

FIFA 23 Elite Eight SBC Objectives
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If you're wanting to complete the FIFA 23 Elite Eight SBC solution, you'll need to meet or surpass the following objectives:

  • Nationalities: Exactly Eight
  • Same Nation Count: Maximum Two
  • Same Club Count: Maximum Three
  • Rare Players: Minimum Five
  • Player Level: Exactly Gold
  • Squad Total Chemistry Points: Minimum 21
  • # of players in the Squad: 11

While it might incur a minor headache looking at the number of precise objectives for this SBC, it isn't actually too bad to figure out. Much like the FIFA 23 Around the World SBC solution, it is best to focus on a single league that has a number of varying nationalities in it, so your players can link and achieve chemistry through that.

All you really need too is the eight nationalities, as that will max out the chemistry of all your players from the same league, meaning that the rest of the spots in the squad can be filled out with random gold players of the same nationalities already in the team.

FIFA 23 Elite Eight SBC Rewards

FIFA 23 Elite Eight SBC Rewards
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As a reward for completing the FIFA 23 Elite Eight SBC solution, you'll be entitled to one Rare Players Pack. This pack holds an equivalent value of 50,000 Coins, houses 12 rare gold players, and has a rating guarantee for at least one player of 83.


This is an excellent reward for the amount of money you have to put in, giving you a pack value of almost 10 times the amount. While not quite as good as the Jumbo Rare Players Pack you'll get for completing the entire Hybrid Nations set, it still gives you a solid chance of packing a top player. Who knows, there could be an Mbappe lurking behind the doors of this pack, waiting for you to open it.

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FIFA 23 Elite Eight SBC Solution

FIFA 23 Elite Eight SBC Solution
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Now, if you're on the search for the cheapest FIFA 23 Elite Eight SBC solution, then thankfully we've got you covered with a good squad below. However, it might also be best to have a look at the players you already have in your club, as there's a good chance you could get at least half of this SBC done with just your untradeables, saving you a bit of extra cash. Here's the cheapest squad you can use for the FIFA 23 Elite Eight SBC solution:

  • GK: Destanoglu
  • RB: Larsen
  • CB: Nelsson
  • CB: Kamara
  • LB: Toko Ekambi
  • CM: Pedrinho
  • CM: Tokoz
  • CM: Nakajima
  • RW: Sarr
  • ST: King
  • LW: Bruma

Estimated Cost: 5,100 Coins

As you can see, seven out of the eleven players are from the Süper Lig, and all receive max chemistry, which is enough to meet the requirements. Then, all you need to do is fill out the rest of the squad with random players in your club, so long as they aren't Norwegian, Turkish, Portuguese, or Danish. They don't even need to be in the right position either, you can literally throw any old gold card in.

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So, that's the cheapest FIFA 23 Elite Eight SBC solution that you can do right now, letting you get your hands on a Rare Players Pack for a fraction of the price. If you want to have a peek at the other store items, then make sure to read out FIFA 23 pack prices guide for all the details.

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