Does ESO need a subscription to play?

Does ESO need a subscription to play?

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27th Apr 2023 12:39

Embarking on a new adventure in the world of ESO and wondering if you need a subscription? ESO is one of the most popular MMORPGs going, with players getting the chance to play epic quests in the world of Tamriel with their friends along the way.

But players starting a new adventure may wonder if the game requires a subscription to play. Here we break down whether or not you need a subscription to play ESO.

Do you need a subscription to play ESO?

While ESO may be a large and ever-expanding world, players do not need a subscription to play the base game. It is simply a case of making a one-off purchase of any of the titles available and they will have access to the game’s content.

Additionally, any of the DLC titles, such as the previous two expansions Blackwood or High Isle, only need to be purchased once for players to access their content.

What is ESO Plus?

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While the base game does not require a subscription to access the bulk of the game’s content, ESO has membership options for players who want to expand their repertoire and acquire some bonuses.

ESO Plus (ESO Plus) is an optional membership that allows players several benefits within the game. It can be bought in increments of 1, 3, 6, or 12 months, depending on how often you play or want access to it.

The benefits that come with ESO Plus include:

  • Access to all DLC game packs
  • Free crowns for the in-game Crown Store
  • Double bank space
  • Progression bonuses
  • Increased Furniture placement limits
  • Costume dyeing
  • Double Transmute Crystal capacity

That's everything you need to know about ESO's subscription options. Why not check out our guide on the new companies in the upcoming Necrom expansion.

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