Can you play Elder Scrolls Online offline?

Can you play Elder Scrolls Online offline?
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5th Apr 2023 10:01

Are you wondering if you can play Elder Scrolls Online in an offline mode? The Elder Scrolls Online is a dream come true for many gamers. Allowing them to explore the fantasy world of Tamriel to their heart's content with friends.

However, not everyone is a huge fan of the MMO style of gameplay and the always-connected world that Zenimax Online Studios has to offer. So, if you’re wondering whether you can play a version of Elder Scrolls Online offline, keep on reading.

Is there an offline mode in Elder Scrolls Online?

Elder Scrolls Online Offline Mode
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In short, there is no way to play Elder Scrolls Online in an offline state. As the name may suggest, Elder Scrolls Online takes place in an MMO-style, interconnected world that involves logging on to public servers with other players. As such, the way that the game is built requires players to log on to the same collection of servers.

However, that doesn’t mean that you have to play Elder Scrolls Online with other people. Many of the quests and activities in Elder Scrolls Online are designed to be completed with either other people or simply by yourself.

For example, all of your quests are tied to your personal Elder Scrolls Online account. You can advance these at your own pace, regardless of other players surrounding you in the world.

What’s more, any enemies that you come up against will be scaled according to your character’s personal level - not the level of enemies around you. So, if you’re worried about coming across high-level enemies and getting killed instantly in Elder Scrolls Online, you can put those worries to bed.

While the core gameplay and visual style of Elder Scrolls Online look and feel like an MMO, it can be played like a single-player RPG if you choose to. However, there is no way to remove other players from your game world and play Elder Scrolls Online in an offline state.

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