ESO Necrom Arcanist Class guide: All active skills and crux system explained

ESO Necrom Arcanist Class guide: All active skills and crux system explained
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13th Apr 2023 09:21

The Elder Scrolls Online Arcanist class is the new class coming with the Necrom chapter. Elder Scrolls Online has not had a new class since 2019, so players have high expectations.

The new ESO Arcanist is a broad class that blends magic with weapons for various effects. Here is everything you need to know about The Elder Scrolls Online Necrom Arcanist class.

ESO Necrom Arcanist class: Active skills

ESO Necrom Arcanist casting a spell
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The Arcanist class has a diverse kit of skills in the game, allowing them to do many different things. First you have the spells, which take many forms. Some allow you to fire projectiles, create shields, or heal allies.

Some of the more visually striking spells include summoning a Daedra to fire a beam of energy, or turning your arm into a giant tentacle to attack your enemies with. A major part of this class is creating runes of power, which appear as floating green triangles. These can be fired at opponents as projectiles and create different effects.

The Arcanist can also use their magical abilities to buff their equipment, making them do more or take more damage. This class can make use of almost any kind of gear, hence why they are so broadly useful. 

One of the more interesting skills the Arcanist has is the Apocryphal Gate. This has the Arcanist create two portals, one far away and one up close. These can be used to cross large distances instantly, either to close gaps or to create them.

ESO Necrom Arcanist class: Crux system explained

ESO Necrom Arcanist casting a wide-arcing spell
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Crux is a system tied to the Arcanist class. It is in essence a combo system that builds up points as you perform certain actions that can then be spent.

You can have up to three Crux which you can store for use later. Using Crux with an associated ability will dramatically increase its effect.

As a rough example, if you have a spell that does damage, using Crux in tandem with it will make the spell do more damage. If you use Crux when healing an ally, you will also recover their mana or stamina. Spending your Crux points with your abilities improves them, so learning which abilities to spend them on is crucial.

As you level up, you will be able to change your abilities into Crux builders or spenders. This means you can choose which abilities give you Crux, and which abilities you can spend Crux on to make them more powerful.

That is it for our Elder Scrolls Online Arcanist class explainer. For more on the game, check out our Elder Scrolls Online Xbox Game Pass guide.

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