Elden Ring DLC Leaks Points To 30 New Bosses

Elden Ring DLC Leaks Points To 30 New Bosses
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3rd Nov 2022 11:08

What is it with game developers and delayed DLCs these days? Whether it's Pokemon Legends: Arceus DLCs that never materialised or Resident Evil Village DLCs that take an age, we're a bit fed up with waiting for expansions. So, just where are those mythical Elden Ring DLCs? 

Cast your minds back to February 2022, the industry was obsessed with Elden Ring. The latest sword-swinging adventure in FromSoftware's acclaimed catalogue - which already includes the likes of Dark SoulsBloodborne, and Sekrio: Shadows Die Twice - surpassed expectations and left no one under the illusion this was the end of the story.

What's The Latest Elden Ring DLC Leak?

We've heard a lot about Elden Ring DLCs, and since wannabe Tarnished managed to break their way into those locked colosseums, we've been waiting for an official confirmation of what's on the way and when. Over on Reddit, someone has collated the information of Twitter user, @sekirodubi, who has been digging deep to find out about the DLC.

In the datamine, they've unearthed minor things like new hairstyles to beefier additions like six new weapons, a legacy dungeon, and up to 30 new bosses. Oooft, that's a big one. Alongside this, there are 16 NPC/boss entries referring to "Someone Yet Unseen." If that wasn't enough, there's the long-rumoured Colosseum arena map.

The most exciting big is undoubtedly the 30 boss flags "for DLC purposes." The prospect of taking on 30 new monsters akin to Malenia is already striking us with PTSD, but don't get your hopes up just yet. The Reddit post explains that just because these boss flags are here, it doesn't mean they're like placeholders. More likely, there will be around 10-15 new bosses if all of the above is to be believed. 

Do We Believe The Elden Ring Leak?

From cursed panties to a possible nautical questline, the Elden Ring datamines have turned up some fascinating pieces of information - most of them have been right on the money. When it comes to the Colosseum arena map, in particular, it's something we've heard about before and would definitely match up with the various locked sculptures dotted around the Lands Between.

It wasn't long ago that a devastating ransomware attack apparently confirmed Barbarians of the Badlands as the Elden Ring DLC, but we weren't sure whether it was the real deal. A more recent datamine teased some new maps, and with the latest infodump, it's clear we're riding our spectral steed toward something big. With the Game Awards just around the corner, it could be time to resurrect the Tarnished once again.

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