Eastward Octopia DLC: Trailers, gameplay & all we know

Eastward Octopia DLC: Trailers, gameplay & all we know
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14th Sep 2023 16:00


The Eastward Octopia DLC offers players a new standalone experience based around farming, and we've got everything you need to know including the gameplay details, release window, platforms, and all of the latest trailers.

While Eastward was an adventure game based on legendary Nintendo titles like Mother and Zelda, this new DLC takes things in a different direction, giving players the opportunity to relax a little more and take on some rural responsibilities.

Thankfully we've got everything you need to know right here if you're excited to jump straight in, so make sure to continue reading to find out more about the Eastward Octopia DLC below.

Is there a release window for Eastward Octopia DLC?

Image of the Eastward Octopia DLC release window
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It has been officially confirmed that the Eastward Octopia DLC is coming in Winter 2023, meaning that there isn't too much longer to wait before you can start tending to your crops in the remote mountains.

We will let you know when a specific release date is announced for the game though, so make sure to check back here again soon to stay up to date with the latest news.

Is the Eastward Octopia DLC a standalone game?

Image of Sam saying De-LISH in Eastward Octopia DLC
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While you do need to own the full version of Eastward to play the Octopia DLC, it exists as an entirely separate experience from the main game both thematically and from your save too, so you can start it at any point independently of your progress in the base game.

This is fantastic news, as it means that any players who have completed the game - or haven't even started it - will be able to enjoy what is on offer here regardless of their progress.

While unconfirmed, it is also implied that you won't need to have played the base game to understand what is going on in the Octopia DLC, which is also great news for anyone wanting to jump in fresh.

Are there any Eastward Octopia DLC gameplay details?

Image of a Matcha Dumpling in Eastward Octopia DLC
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As opposed to the base game's adventure focus, the Eastward Octopia DLC tasks players with leading a peaceful, farming-oriented life in the countryside as Sam and John.

There will be no miasma or hardships to trouble you as you work, so you can fully relax and enjoy the calm nature of farm life in a similar way to Stardew Valley - another cosy game from Chucklefish that you've probably played and loved.

There is a big project for you to undertake here though, with farmland to revitalise. It won't be done in a day, but you will feel the thrill of seeing your crops and animals grow and your farm transform into a centre of growing life.

You will also meet a number of interesting characters and familiar faces as you grow your farm, and who knows - maybe a few of them will be inclined to stay and help you out with your newfound farm life.

Are there any trailers for Eastward Octopia DLC

There has been one trailer so far for the Eastward Octopia DLC, and it was shown at the Nintendo Direct in September. There's plenty to look out for in this trailer, as we get a glimpse of what is in store for Sam and John in their new farming adventure.

We'll let you know when any other trailers drop ahead of release, so check back again soon to see if there have been any updates.

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What platforms is Eastward Octopia DLC on?

Image of your farm in Eastward Octopia DLC
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The Eastward Octopia DLC will be available on the following platforms:

  • PC (via Steam)
  • Nintendo Switch

It is surprising that there is no mention of an Xbox release, but hopefully, we will hear about that soon too as the release of the base game was after on Microsoft's console. With no release of Eastward on PlayStation though, it is very unlikely that we see the new DLC launch there too.

So, that wraps up everything you need to know about the Eastward Octopia DLC, letting you know all about the release window, platforms, gameplay, and trailers.

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